I Took A Break

From packing, that is and sewed Lilli a pair of shorts and appliquéd a shirt. I had wanted to try and find a cloth diapering advocacy shirt, but this idea popped into me head. I love how it turned out. The stitching around the heart is all wonky, but I kind of like it that way. I started with a white shirt that had a little hole in it, due to me using the wrong needle, so I covered it with a purple heart. I used some iron on bond and ironed it onto the shirt and did the same thing for the little cloth diaper. I used the same fleece that I used for the heart for shorts. Since fleece is a great daytime cover, I thought it would be nice to take on our little vacation. I am also taking the wool longies that I made the other day. Here’s a picture to show off my work. The waist looks very tiny, because Lilli is a bean pole.

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We are going on “vacation” on Wednesday. It’s an 8 hour car ride, with 2 kids. Have I mentioned there is no internet? Ok that last bit is all me, but still! I know that it is a little more than sad that I am stressing over no internet, for the sole fact that I have an Ebay auction ending during that time. Oh yeah and NO Tiana. Whomp. OK so 2 reasons, then.

I don’t think that Ryan really realizes what all goes into it. I get to pack for 3 people. That includes, clothes, toys, shoes, and this time around cloth diapers. I have been calculating how many diapers we go through, plus I have to take some of the pockets along as well. I have to make sure I have the favorite red shirt. The right blanket. The exact lovie. 2 blankets. Diaper pins, snappis, and covers. Snacks for the car ride. I need a vacation after I pack everything. Heck I’m going to need a vacation after our “vacation”.

All in all it should be a fun time for the kids and Ryan. He gets to see his parents, and the kiddos get to be spoiled by their grandparents. Me? I get to stress about all the sugar and junk food.

I guess I need someone to say “Hey, knock it off. You’re going on Vacation!”

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I did it again!

Yesterday, I went in search of sweaters. Not because the weather is getting cooler, but because Lilli needs more wool longies. I had first tried the goodwill, but they haven’t brought their sweaters out yet. Crazy I think, since there were so many people back to school shopping already. I then headed out to Value Village. I should have gone there first, and saved myself a trip. When I walked in the door, the first thing I saw was 3 rows of Halloween costumes! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Halloween? I knew that I was going to find something good. I looked over and sure enough, next to the 3 rows of costumes, there were 3 rows of sweaters! I will admit that my breathing got a little faster. My heart started beating like crazy. I calmed myself. It’s crazy to get THAT excited about sweaters that you are going to cut up. It’s just not right! I’m allergic to wool myself, so all I had to do was run my hands over the tops and waited for my hands to start tingling. It worked and the first sweater I pulled out was a beautiful heather and gray fair isle print. I checked the fiber content and threw it in the basket. it was 100% wool! I did the finger sweep again and came up with a wool angora blend. Super soft and the prettiest blues. In the cart it went. Next I found a rainbow sweater from the gap. Fiber content? WOOL! I decided that 3 sweaters in one trip, that are doomed to be cut up was just un called for. I put the largest one back. The gray and sage one. It just wasn’t as girly as the other two.

I still have a problem actually cutting the sweaters, so I take them apart at the seams. It’s a little crazy, but it does save me a step when sewing up. I started with the blue one first. I am still surprised how you can take a sweater, and turn them into pants. It’s fantastic! The rise was a little short so I took the ribbing on the bottom and used it as a waist band. I thought my first pair were my favorites, but this one is right up there! I think she likes them, what do you think?

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Tootin’ My Own Horn!

I have been practicing heming items, and I am getting better! I was only working with nice stiff cotton material before, because it wouldn’t bunch on me. I hated working with fleece, or anything that had a little bit of stretch to it. I had a plastic foot for my sewing machine, but Lilli ate it. Well more like chewed the snot out of it. I replaced he foot and had a much better time with fleece. I do need some new needles though. I have been working with my denim needle, but need something for not so thick materials as well. I have been working on converting her onsies, because with the cloth diapers they are ’cause compression leaks. Some of them came out a little crooked. I have also been working on making babylegs. I will post some pics, as soon as I can!

Picture, just as I promised! They look crooked in the picture and different lengths, they really aren’t! I held them up after I took the picture to make sure LOL.

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This whole toy recall is getting out of hand. Thankfully we don’t have any toys on the recall lists, but it makes me very nervous over the ones we still have. Will they turn out to have lead in them? Were they made out of plastic containing BPA? It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. At first we started with the sippy cups, plastic spoons, bowls. Basically anything that was plastic and was related to food, is gone. Now every time Lilli puts a plastic toy in her mouth I cringe. Ryan and I have decided to start fresh with wood and cloth toys. The play room full of toys is daunting, but when it came right down to it, half the toys sit on shelves un-played with. Kaleb is enjoying the fact that he’s helping other kids who don’t have very many toys. Plus he is enjoying the small amount of toys that he still has. He doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the toy choices. Ryan reminded me that Christmas is coming up and that will be the perfect opportunity to get some “safe” toys. Although he seems to have a theory that China is out to poison us…

I love the fact that I am not tripping over every toy known to man! I just might get my house back. Woohoo!

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Goodwill part Deux!

So today I got to go to the Goodwill for about a half hour! I had kaleb with me and he was so good and we loved looking at all the stuff. I perused the jeans, but found none in my size, so I headed over to the kids things. I found a brand new sleeper/long john type thing for Lilli, and a brand new Amy Coe minkee blanket! It’s the green one with the elephants on it. I was so excited. Then I tripped over something that turned out to be this really big rug. I saw that it was marked $3.99, so I grabbed it and threw it in the cart. When I got home I realized that it was from Pier 1. I also found a new pair of Nikes for Kaleb, and a brand new puzzle book of the ocean(I’m going to save it for Christmas)that still had the plastic on it! I was hoping that they would have some sweater, but there was none to be found. My new obsession is cutting the arms off of old sweaters and making pants for Lilli. I only have been using 100% wool, since I can put it over her diapers and they won’t leak. I realize that I am making any sweater knitters out there cringe, but it’s all for the sake of, um art! OR crafts. Yeah all for the sake of crafts! I have made one pair of pants and I still have enough left for a skirty and soaker. i don’t know if I want to attach the soaker to the skirt or not. We’ll see how they come out first. I’ll get pics up as soon as I can!

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No meat please!

I made this recipe up on accident, and it turned out great. So I call it Happy Accident Pasta! Of course I forgot to snap a picture!

Tri color rotini noodles
1 can of chili bean
1 can diced tomatoes
packet of spaghetti seasoning(optional)

So boil the noodles until tender, or however you like your noodles! After noodles are cooked add beans and tomatoes. I also added the spaghetti seasoning, and had to add a little water. Top with cheese if you like and serve!

I made this last night with corn bread and some spinach leaf salad and everyone gobbled it up! Yup even Ryan my Vegetarian-foot-dragger. Kaleb my picky eater had 2 helping of spinach salad!

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Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to go to the Goodwill and actually look around. I usually have one or both of the kids with me, and it makes it a little difficult to look properly. Ryan and I had decided that we were going to walk around the mall and went into Tacoma. Normally I would have said no, but the weather was all rainy and icky and we were getting a little cabin fever. Both of the kids fell asleep on the way in and I didn’t want to wake them up. So I got to browse the Goodwill! I found an adorable Gap dress for Lilli that was $1! I also found 3 patterns, for my ever growing collection. I got a costume pattern for a frog, and some other animals that slip my mind. A beautiful “current” fancy dress pattern, that I am going to attempt to do for Lillian, for Christmas. Lastly something for me! I found a pj short/capri/pajama pants pattern. I wish I had, had just a little more time, so I could have looked through the jeans. I’ve lost weight(happy dance!) and need some smaller sizes. I have a feeling that I am in between sizes though.

We also got some safe plastic sippy cups! After reading several reports about the plastic in sippy cups leaching out, I just couldn’t in good conscience continue giving them the cups that we have. They are on the bad list! SO we bought the Avent ones with the toddler spouts, since we are going to try and get some Kleen Cantines. They use the same spouts with a conversion kit. Very handy!

Lilli also got some new socks that she picked out all on her own! Hello Kitty. I am so proud. She hugged those things all through the mall.

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Fold your shirt!

Ok this is probably to coolest things that I have ever seen! This site shows you how to fold a shirt in 2 seconds flat! Yup 2 seconds. Here’s a link, watch the video and try it out for yourself.

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I got all my diapers together after a wash and took a picture! There are still a few more diapers that I am going to get now that we have found what works for us. I am so happy with our decision to switch to cloth. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner. After all the research that I have done regarding disposable diapers I can say that I am honestly a little shocked that they can still make them! A recent report that I read at http://www.ecobaby.com/cloth.htm

About 5 million tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposables. This may contribute to groundwater contamination and attract insects that carry and transmit diseases. In 1990, 18 billion disposables were thrown into United States landfills. Is it wise to use 3.4 billion gallons of oil and over 250,000 trees a year to manufacture disposables that end up in our already overburdened landfills? These disposables are not readily biodegradable. The paper must be exposed to air and sun to decompose. Thirty percent of a disposable diaper is plastic and is not compostable. Even if the rest of the diaper could be composted, these plants could only handle 400 of the 10,000 tons of diapers tossed in landfills EACH DAY, assuming they didn’t have to process any other compostable garbage. Biodegradable diapers have cornstarch added to the plastic to break it into tiny pieces. The pieces still end up in landfills.”

EW! So yay cloth! Since switching we have had one rash, which was all my fault(I left her in one too long). When we were using disposable we would get them weekly. I fell better knowing that it is a more environmentally sound choice. SO I leave you with some nice fluff pictures!

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