Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

I have recently learned in my recent diaper making efforts that I HATE working with fleece and any fabric that has some sort of stretch to it. Well I would probably hate fleece a little less if Lilli hadn’t eaten the plastic foot for my sewing machine. As for material with stretch, I would like to stomp on it until it breathes it’s very last stretchy breath. Go die spandex. I also need to get some better thread, because mine kept snapping, but that I blame on the Gd fabric. I also do NOT like working with Lastin elastic. Anyone work with this? Can you tell me how to not get it to snap in your eye? That would be a bonus, you know the 2 whole eye thing? All of the thread breaking, fleece creasing, stretchy fabric bunching, elastic snapping aside, I finished two diapers tonight! One I made out of this really yummy yellow flannel, and the other out of Hello Kitty goes to Paris flannel. I need to reopen and sew the front tummy panel of the Hello Kitty, but I was really happy with the out come. Next to conquer…Pocket diapers!

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