OR you are what you put out there. I believe this more than I have ever in the past. The more negative energy that you put out there, the more it reflects on you. Constant negative thinking will take it’s toll. The last couple of weeks I have really taken the time to sort things out. To reflect on what kind of energy that I was putting out there. I learned a few things, some not so great, and others that I would really like to continue. I learned that if you say something enough that you will really start to believe it. This is not always a good thing and it is wise to choose your words carefully. Also it is wise to think about who you are saying it to. Thus my new rule of “complaining”. I complain once, and that’s it. I say what I need to say, no need to beat it to death and dwell on it. I find that if I am angry about something the more times that I talk about it the more angry I become. I noticed this yesterday. I had a problem and I talked about it, said what bothered me, and then started a positive conversation. I gave myself the complain once rule, because I get OVERHELMINGLY tired of hearing about the same negative thing over and over again. So think positive please!

I also had a very pleasant comment from someone in my family. I can’t begin to express how much love I felt from such a simple comment. It can be surprising what people see in you. It is also surprising how much confidence they can have in you. I had stated that I thought it would be neat to start a little project, and was told that “That would be perfect for you! I think you should really do it!” So we shall see, what I can do about that. I would need my computer, and there has been some evidence that it has been somewhat tampered with. Hopefully it will get all sorted out and I can begin.

As well as doing all of this “soul searching” Ryan and I have become very nostalgic about certain things. Mainly our time spent on Nantucket. It became clear that what we were both missing, was the sense of community that you feel there. I realize that I am missing certain connections that were so easy to establish there. Being such a small community it was easy to find someone who shared a similar passion. It was easy to find someone with which to make a connection over a common bond. We also miss our time with each other. Not being surrounded by an excessive amount of activities, left more time for us to spend with each other and later as a family. So we are trying to figure out the best way to get that back. It may seem to others that we are trying to isolate ourselves, but this isn’t the case. We are trying to forge a tighter bond as a family.

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