Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to go to the Goodwill and actually look around. I usually have one or both of the kids with me, and it makes it a little difficult to look properly. Ryan and I had decided that we were going to walk around the mall and went into Tacoma. Normally I would have said no, but the weather was all rainy and icky and we were getting a little cabin fever. Both of the kids fell asleep on the way in and I didn’t want to wake them up. So I got to browse the Goodwill! I found an adorable Gap dress for Lilli that was $1! I also found 3 patterns, for my ever growing collection. I got a costume pattern for a frog, and some other animals that slip my mind. A beautiful “current” fancy dress pattern, that I am going to attempt to do for Lillian, for Christmas. Lastly something for me! I found a pj short/capri/pajama pants pattern. I wish I had, had just a little more time, so I could have looked through the jeans. I’ve lost weight(happy dance!) and need some smaller sizes. I have a feeling that I am in between sizes though.

We also got some safe plastic sippy cups! After reading several reports about the plastic in sippy cups leaching out, I just couldn’t in good conscience continue giving them the cups that we have. They are on the bad list! SO we bought the Avent ones with the toddler spouts, since we are going to try and get some Kleen Cantines. They use the same spouts with a conversion kit. Very handy!

Lilli also got some new socks that she picked out all on her own! Hello Kitty. I am so proud. She hugged those things all through the mall.

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