Goodwill part Deux!

So today I got to go to the Goodwill for about a half hour! I had kaleb with me and he was so good and we loved looking at all the stuff. I perused the jeans, but found none in my size, so I headed over to the kids things. I found a brand new sleeper/long john type thing for Lilli, and a brand new Amy Coe minkee blanket! It’s the green one with the elephants on it. I was so excited. Then I tripped over something that turned out to be this really big rug. I saw that it was marked $3.99, so I grabbed it and threw it in the cart. When I got home I realized that it was from Pier 1. I also found a new pair of Nikes for Kaleb, and a brand new puzzle book of the ocean(I’m going to save it for Christmas)that still had the plastic on it! I was hoping that they would have some sweater, but there was none to be found. My new obsession is cutting the arms off of old sweaters and making pants for Lilli. I only have been using 100% wool, since I can put it over her diapers and they won’t leak. I realize that I am making any sweater knitters out there cringe, but it’s all for the sake of, um art! OR crafts. Yeah all for the sake of crafts! I have made one pair of pants and I still have enough left for a skirty and soaker. i don’t know if I want to attach the soaker to the skirt or not. We’ll see how they come out first. I’ll get pics up as soon as I can!

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  1. those are some good finds! makes me want to go browse too đŸ™‚
    but my mil was unfairly fired from there, so she hates them now…. :-/

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