This whole toy recall is getting out of hand. Thankfully we don’t have any toys on the recall lists, but it makes me very nervous over the ones we still have. Will they turn out to have lead in them? Were they made out of plastic containing BPA? It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. At first we started with the sippy cups, plastic spoons, bowls. Basically anything that was plastic and was related to food, is gone. Now every time Lilli puts a plastic toy in her mouth I cringe. Ryan and I have decided to start fresh with wood and cloth toys. The play room full of toys is daunting, but when it came right down to it, half the toys sit on shelves un-played with. Kaleb is enjoying the fact that he’s helping other kids who don’t have very many toys. Plus he is enjoying the small amount of toys that he still has. He doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the toy choices. Ryan reminded me that Christmas is coming up and that will be the perfect opportunity to get some “safe” toys. Although he seems to have a theory that China is out to poison us…

I love the fact that I am not tripping over every toy known to man! I just might get my house back. Woohoo!

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  1. Hm…Death by poisoning. You husband just might be on to something there.

    Or maybe they’re trying to control our minds. Waiting until the toddlers licking the toys grow up and are in control of the country and then they’ll release “stage two” of their plan and have a whole nation of mindless zombies at their beck and call…

    BTW, I moseyed on over from DS.

  2. Hmm mindless zombies…Are t.v.’s made in China? LOL.

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