I did it again!

Yesterday, I went in search of sweaters. Not because the weather is getting cooler, but because Lilli needs more wool longies. I had first tried the goodwill, but they haven’t brought their sweaters out yet. Crazy I think, since there were so many people back to school shopping already. I then headed out to Value Village. I should have gone there first, and saved myself a trip. When I walked in the door, the first thing I saw was 3 rows of Halloween costumes! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Halloween? I knew that I was going to find something good. I looked over and sure enough, next to the 3 rows of costumes, there were 3 rows of sweaters! I will admit that my breathing got a little faster. My heart started beating like crazy. I calmed myself. It’s crazy to get THAT excited about sweaters that you are going to cut up. It’s just not right! I’m allergic to wool myself, so all I had to do was run my hands over the tops and waited for my hands to start tingling. It worked and the first sweater I pulled out was a beautiful heather and gray fair isle print. I checked the fiber content and threw it in the basket. it was 100% wool! I did the finger sweep again and came up with a wool angora blend. Super soft and the prettiest blues. In the cart it went. Next I found a rainbow sweater from the gap. Fiber content? WOOL! I decided that 3 sweaters in one trip, that are doomed to be cut up was just un called for. I put the largest one back. The gray and sage one. It just wasn’t as girly as the other two.

I still have a problem actually cutting the sweaters, so I take them apart at the seams. It’s a little crazy, but it does save me a step when sewing up. I started with the blue one first. I am still surprised how you can take a sweater, and turn them into pants. It’s fantastic! The rise was a little short so I took the ribbing on the bottom and used it as a waist band. I thought my first pair were my favorites, but this one is right up there! I think she likes them, what do you think?

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  1. thanks for stopping by my site. this is a cute longie. i have some sweaters i need to get cute up and sewn into some longies..

  2. suuuuuper cute!!! both longies and your little girl! I need to learn how to make some asap šŸ™‚ but maybe I should get a machine first…

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