We are going on “vacation” on Wednesday. It’s an 8 hour car ride, with 2 kids. Have I mentioned there is no internet? Ok that last bit is all me, but still! I know that it is a little more than sad that I am stressing over no internet, for the sole fact that I have an Ebay auction ending during that time. Oh yeah and NO Tiana. Whomp. OK so 2 reasons, then.

I don’t think that Ryan really realizes what all goes into it. I get to pack for 3 people. That includes, clothes, toys, shoes, and this time around cloth diapers. I have been calculating how many diapers we go through, plus I have to take some of the pockets along as well. I have to make sure I have the favorite red shirt. The right blanket. The exact lovie. 2 blankets. Diaper pins, snappis, and covers. Snacks for the car ride. I need a vacation after I pack everything. Heck I’m going to need a vacation after our “vacation”.

All in all it should be a fun time for the kids and Ryan. He gets to see his parents, and the kiddos get to be spoiled by their grandparents. Me? I get to stress about all the sugar and junk food.

I guess I need someone to say “Hey, knock it off. You’re going on Vacation!”

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  1. I’m already crying! ::sniff::

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