Then and Now

As bad as this sounds, the best part of the trip was the drive back. Like I mentioned in my previous post we drove back the long way. We took 101 up the coast, and weren’t stuck behind too many rv’s! Ryan and decided to stop at our favorite lookout point at Cape Perpetua. We used to go up there all the time when we were dating, and haven’t really been back since we had kids. We have a picture of the two of us about a month before Ryan proposed. Now we have one as a family! See!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Not the greatest pictures, but I love the history behind them.

Our trip was pretty uneventful. We arrived on the 29’th and had a BBQ in honor of Ryan’s dad’s birthday. Yummy chicken! The next day his aunt came over and we played with the newest member of the family, Allison. She is such a little sweetie, and at 5 months out weighs Lilli. Kaleb fell in love with her, and she could not stop laughing at him. Saturday we got the kid’s pictures taken. I felt a little bad that I had never had Lilli’s pictures taken professionally. I am excited to get them back! Saturday night we had another HUGE BBQ with the whole family. That was a lot of fun. Then on Sunday Ryan and his dad went Tuna fishing, while I took advantage of Oregon’s no sales tax! I got Lilli 3 great shirts that can be worn with her diapers. Did I mention they were on sale for a dollar each! I was so excited. I also stopped by their Dollar Tree, and found some more knee socks to turn into baby legs for her. I also got her a little tutu that she just loves and wears all the time. Ryan’s dad gave Kaleb a little fishing jig and he has been carrying around the entire time. He calls it Jake, which is his take on jig I think.

I am happy to be home, where I can wash my diapers correctly. I felt bad about using the washing machine, so they didn’t get rinsed as well as they normally would. I think I am going to strip them, especially the microfiber inserts. Even after drying in the sun, they had a funny smell to them. Nothing a little boiling won’t cure! Well I am off to do all the laundry and start with the stripping process. I will leave you with this lovely picture of diapers in the sun!
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  1. I am glad you guys had a nice vacation! Isn’t oregon coast the best? 🙂

  2. Those pictures are great! That coast is awesome!

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