So I have been going through all the closets and just getting rid of what we don’t use anymore. It’s a little difficult, because I would have really liked to have a garage sale. I feel that it is just too late in the year to do one. I have so many of the kid’s clothes, my clothes, and Ryan clothes that I would love to sell to bet some new stuff. For some weird reason I am having a really hard time letting go of Lilli’s clothes. I had no problem with Kaleb’s clothes, but I just feel that I need to hang on to hers. Maybe a sign of things to come? Tomorrow the purging and cleaning will continue. I have located the box that holds all my fall decorations, but I have told myself that nothing can go up until it’s clean in here. I miss Nantucket for the simple fact that when we fist lived there we had nothing. Nothing is easier to clean. Five years of marriage, three moves, and two kids later I feel that we are swimming in useless crap. I wish there was a consignment shop around here for big peoples clothes and household items. Another thing that I miss about Nantucket. The Take It Or Leave it is another. I liked the fact that I could take something there and someone who really needed it could get it.

Fall is here. Summer is no more. All the summer stuff is getting packed away to be dealt with next year. Winter clothes have been pulled out. Sweaters are being aired. Fleece jammies are being worn now, and we had to turn the heat on. Kaleb has gotten a new winter coat and Lilli got snow boots.

Halloween is just around the corner! I am so excited. We found the kid’s costumes so early this year which was a blessing. I bought their trick or treat bags last weekend. They are nice and big so we hopefully can get a big haul. Ryan’s mom will be coming up the weekend before with a truck load of pumpkins. That will be so fun for the kids. Lilli will love making a mess in the pumpkin guts.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with books? I have so many, and would love to sell some, but don’t want to deal with Ebay and fees. Craigslist is a hassle too. Are there places that buy them? Hmm Half Price Books… I wonder how that works. I’ll call today.

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