Well I have pretty much gotten the house under control for our guests coming in tonight. I am getting off work early to finish any last minute things. Hopefully with working, and not being in the house all the time it will stay kept up. Plus with our big purge, there is less stuff to worry about.

Last night Ryan called to tell me that a guy he works with just got married. He would like me to make him a scrapbook for his wife for Christmas! I think it’s incredibly sweet. I asked about how many photos he has to try and get a ball park range for the book, and the response was a little overwhelming. 12 rolls of film. I don’t even know how many exposures are on film anymore, but I do know that we are talking about a HUGE amount of pictures. I know that all won’t be used, but it was still a little staggering. I couldn’t really think about it last night, hopefully after the company leaves I can sit down and figure it out.

I FINALLY made Lilli’s doctors appointment. I love our pediatrician office, because they do well baby check ups on Saturday. The down side? My ped. decided to be a stay at home mom, so I have to go about interviewing. Sigh. We really liked her, and she supported our vaxing decisions. I’m happy for her though, but she will be missed.

Hopefully this weekend I can take the pictures of some of my Happy Heiny’s so that I can put them up on FSOT. We are simplifying our stash, yet again. I am going to have my prefolds and covers. My Fuzzi Bunz. Some assorted fitteds. I am going to be selling a lot of my fitteds and all in ones as well.

This is all going to fund MORE FB for us. As well as some Sugar Plum Babies, which has become out night time solution. Once again, I, Laini should have listened to Tiana. We really love them. I am also trying to curb my wool addiction. I had put all of them on the back burner until I could find a wash solution, that didn’t make me have an asthma attack. Solution found on Ebay. It’s free of anything! I can’t wait till it comes and I can give it a proper review.

I am also waiting for some Dawn to arrive. The Mom Blogs ( you can see the pink link at the top of my page) has a few hundred people testing out Dawn, and we get a FULL size sample to test!

Well off to get everyone ready to head out!

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We have Ryan’s mom and aunt coming in on Friday night and my house looks like it turned itself upside down. I actually think that my mess is breeding and making little mess babies. I don’t have actual proof, but I’m sure I can find some. I have been working on it though, but with working during the day now it seems like I am not getting very far. On the plus side I only have two rooms left, a HUGE box of clothes to donate, and a SURPRISE pile to send off to Ashley! I can’t way what it is since you read my blog!

OMG I just saw a preview for Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow, and I’m SO excited! I saw it last week after the show, but I can barely remember what a did last.

I cleaned up the dining/sewing room, and I have SO many projects that I am itching to get done. I keep telling my self that I am going to make some things to stock a HC or put up on Etsy, but I fall in love with whatever I am making. Needless to say, Lilli has a lot of really cute wool, painted tees, embellished pre folds, tie dye, and so one.

Well I am off to pick up a little more! Wish me luck!

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Kaleb hearts Seattle!

Since I have been working for my sister, while her assistant is on maternity leave, Kaleb and Lilli have been hanging out with my mom. Well my sister got a new t.v. and it picks up some really random channels that no one else gets. One of them is 7-2 and all it shows is a real time sky scape of Seattle. No sounds, nothing. Well Kaleb discovered it and he’s fallen in LOVE with watching Seattle. He will sit there and stare at it. Further proof that I have the biggest weirdo. He dressed himself by the way, and didn’t want to take it off. He has his day clothes on underneath. I don’t think kids get the concept of “layering”

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Kaleb and the caterpillar.

One of my favorite fall activities is small, and may seem a little silly to most. I love spotting the “fuzzy wuzzy” caterpillars. This year it was Kaleb who found the very first one. He was so excited about it, and came running int he house to have me take a look. Sure enough, there he was, just chillin’ under the slide. Kaleb my kiddo who is a little scared of bugs, and anything “new” bent over and petted it.

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I’ve noticed he’s getting older. I know, such a stupid thing to say, of course he’s getting older. How about I’ve noticed he’s getting more mature. He’s no longer scared of bugs. He likes to swing ‘SUPER FAST”. He knows that caterpillars turn into butterflys.

Here are a few things that Kaleb would like you to know about this particular caterpillar.

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1. He’s cute.
2. He’s black and brown.
3. He’s soft.
4. He licked him. The caterpillar licked Kaleb that is(it was really poo, but I really didn’t have the heart to tell him)

The last was so funny. I had gone back into the house, to upload the pictures, when Kaleb came running into the house full tilt. “MOOOOOMMMMMY” makes me drop the camera and run to the door. “AHHHHHHHH” makes my heart jump into my throat. “He licked me” makes me stop and scratch my head. There he is standing on the front porch with the caterpillar in his hand, pointing to where he “licked” him. I started laughing and gave him a huge hug.

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A place where her dreams have room to grow.

I don’t think so! This commercial was brought to my attention and it just left an awful taste in my mouth. The commercial is for the Rose Petal Cottage, and it shows a little girl baking, doing laundry, putting the baby to bed etc. Backwards much? Watch the video for yourself and decide. The one with the mom is the longer version.

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Well date night went great! We left so see a later showing and I’m glad that we did. We had origially planned on seeing a 6 pm show in Lakewood. We wanted to eat first so we would have let at about 3:30 ish. That would have placed us in Tacoma at around 4. Good thing we decided to go later because right under the highway the Tacoma Atlas Foundry exploded! It threw pieces of debris on the highway. We didn’t find out about it until we got out of the movie at about 11. When we were driving in the highway was closed and we had to exit early and take the back way around. We ate at Applebees because there was an hour wait at the Olive Garden! I was only a little bummed, but they have great food at Applebees as well. So we get there and there is just as long as wait, but we decide to sit in the bar area, so we got seated right away. We had a nice slow dinner, and ate WAY too much. We still had a little bit of time after eating so we walked over to the sports store too look around. Nothing TOO interesting in there, but they had some REALLY cute little bikes. So we headed over to the movie theater, and waited some more. We ended up seeing Good Luck Chuck. Really funny, I highly recommend it. I am excited to report that there is another Harold and Kumar coming out and it looks super funny. So after the movie we headed home and noticed that the highway was still closed! I called my sister to see if she knew why. I didn’t think too much about since there has been construction going on for about 50 years now. Well she told me what was going on, and well, I didn’t expect that. Thankfully not too many people were hurt. The driver of the truck that exploded was in the worst condition. We got home and watched it on the news. I don’t know if the highway is open yet or not, but as of early this morning they were still worried about flare ups.

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Show off!

Well I finished four prefolds last night and I love how they turned out. I would have showed hem off last night, but I barely got the last stitch finished when I started falling asleep at the machine. I was trying to stay awake until Ryan got home, since he was going to be home around 2 am. Sadly I couldn’t make it.

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I had originally planned on using a green diaper with the trees, but I had thrown the fabric down next to the machine and it landed on a blue one that was waiting to be embellished. Funny how things work out like that! I love how it came out, and it’s one of my favorites.

All in all I like working with flannel on the diapers. Since the diapers don’t have much stretch to them, it’s easier to work with a fabric that doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it as well. The fleece on the other ones had a little more stretch than I was used to.

Well I am off to pack away more summer clothes, and to clean up the house a bit. We have company coming soon!

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I have been dye crazy tonight. The kiddos are in bed and I get to do some crafts. I bought some prefolds and fabric, with every intent of embellishing. I started with some tights for Isabelle. I was wondering if I could pull off tie dying tights and socks. This was the answer.

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FANTASTIC! I want some for me. I want to try and get a rainbow affect next time. I wonder how those great professional tie dyers do it. While I blog, this is what I have waiting for me in the sink. Crappy picture, but I can’t wait until these are done, so I can embellish them with the great fleece I got.

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Well off to stir the diapers and I promise to get pictures up after all is said and done!
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I got asked out!

By my husband! Ryan called from work this afternoon and asked me out on a date. What a nut. Of course I said yes. So it’s dinner and movie for us on Saturday.

Starting tomorrow Ryan will be on 12 our shifts. He will start work at 6pm and end at 6 am. So on Friday Lilli and I are going to the library for baby play time, so that the house will be quiet. I am excited to meet some local mom’s in the area. I hadn’t had time since moving back home. What took me so long? Next week Kaleb and I are going to story and playtime. I am hoping that he will meet a little friend. He doesn’t adapt to change very well and I’m sure it will take a couple of trips for him to really enjoy it. Who knows he may surprise me.

I finished all of our Christmas list and emailed them off. I hope that everyone will be accepting of our lifestyle changes. All of the toys are made out of natural products, and most important are NOT from China! I really had a great time browsing all the selections out there. Ryan is excited, because for once there are not going to be ANY annoying toys on Christmas morning. I had said when we first had Kaleb that I really didn’t want any noisy toys, but somehow, no matter how many times I stated this fact, our house is full of them. It’s noisy too. Getting back to basics. Simple. Imagination. Creativity. That’s what’s coming for Christmas.

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I found my camera!

In the sofa, where I had looked about 5 million times I might add. SO I got to take a picture of my prefolds that I embellished the other day. I tried to get a picture of my scratch, but I couldn’t get it since the flash kept going off, and when I turned the flash off it got blurry. Oh well, it’s really there I promise! I wold really like to see if I can find any cute fleece somewhere. It doesn’t take much, and then I don’t need a cover! The new Snappis work really great on them too. Actually the old ones worked just fine. I have to find the path so that I can make Lilli her Denver Bronco diaper as well. SO on to the PF! The green is a lot more vibrant in real life.

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