I got asked out!

By my husband! Ryan called from work this afternoon and asked me out on a date. What a nut. Of course I said yes. So it’s dinner and movie for us on Saturday.

Starting tomorrow Ryan will be on 12 our shifts. He will start work at 6pm and end at 6 am. So on Friday Lilli and I are going to the library for baby play time, so that the house will be quiet. I am excited to meet some local mom’s in the area. I hadn’t had time since moving back home. What took me so long? Next week Kaleb and I are going to story and playtime. I am hoping that he will meet a little friend. He doesn’t adapt to change very well and I’m sure it will take a couple of trips for him to really enjoy it. Who knows he may surprise me.

I finished all of our Christmas list and emailed them off. I hope that everyone will be accepting of our lifestyle changes. All of the toys are made out of natural products, and most important are NOT from China! I really had a great time browsing all the selections out there. Ryan is excited, because for once there are not going to be ANY annoying toys on Christmas morning. I had said when we first had Kaleb that I really didn’t want any noisy toys, but somehow, no matter how many times I stated this fact, our house is full of them. It’s noisy too. Getting back to basics. Simple. Imagination. Creativity. That’s what’s coming for Christmas.

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  1. Hi!!!

    Ok, I am glad I am not the ONLY Mom already trying to think about X-mas. But not only that but getting back to the “basics”!!!

    Alexander wanted this Mattel Guitar & I just dont really want to get any Mattel toys right(((Sorry!))) but also I really dont want a gutair that hooks up to the TV blaring mindless babbling!

    We are thinking of a camera(he loves to take pics)& Art stuff cause he loves doing crafts. It just upsets me kids dont have imagination anymore:(

    Yes, I did go PF crazy today & it almost got worse I almost bought more! I am going to need to get on the wagon before we even have a baby to put them in. You did a really really good job on your PF’s I hope you post some more pics I hope to have tons of pics next week

    Ok, Sorry for the book I just wrote on your blog!!!

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