Well date night went great! We left so see a later showing and I’m glad that we did. We had origially planned on seeing a 6 pm show in Lakewood. We wanted to eat first so we would have let at about 3:30 ish. That would have placed us in Tacoma at around 4. Good thing we decided to go later because right under the highway the Tacoma Atlas Foundry exploded! It threw pieces of debris on the highway. We didn’t find out about it until we got out of the movie at about 11. When we were driving in the highway was closed and we had to exit early and take the back way around. We ate at Applebees because there was an hour wait at the Olive Garden! I was only a little bummed, but they have great food at Applebees as well. So we get there and there is just as long as wait, but we decide to sit in the bar area, so we got seated right away. We had a nice slow dinner, and ate WAY too much. We still had a little bit of time after eating so we walked over to the sports store too look around. Nothing TOO interesting in there, but they had some REALLY cute little bikes. So we headed over to the movie theater, and waited some more. We ended up seeing Good Luck Chuck. Really funny, I highly recommend it. I am excited to report that there is another Harold and Kumar coming out and it looks super funny. So after the movie we headed home and noticed that the highway was still closed! I called my sister to see if she knew why. I didn’t think too much about since there has been construction going on for about 50 years now. Well she told me what was going on, and well, I didn’t expect that. Thankfully not too many people were hurt. The driver of the truck that exploded was in the worst condition. We got home and watched it on the news. I don’t know if the highway is open yet or not, but as of early this morning they were still worried about flare ups.

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