Kaleb and the caterpillar.

One of my favorite fall activities is small, and may seem a little silly to most. I love spotting the “fuzzy wuzzy” caterpillars. This year it was Kaleb who found the very first one. He was so excited about it, and came running int he house to have me take a look. Sure enough, there he was, just chillin’ under the slide. Kaleb my kiddo who is a little scared of bugs, and anything “new” bent over and petted it.

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I’ve noticed he’s getting older. I know, such a stupid thing to say, of course he’s getting older. How about I’ve noticed he’s getting more mature. He’s no longer scared of bugs. He likes to swing ‘SUPER FAST”. He knows that caterpillars turn into butterflys.

Here are a few things that Kaleb would like you to know about this particular caterpillar.

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1. He’s cute.
2. He’s black and brown.
3. He’s soft.
4. He licked him. The caterpillar licked Kaleb that is(it was really poo, but I really didn’t have the heart to tell him)

The last was so funny. I had gone back into the house, to upload the pictures, when Kaleb came running into the house full tilt. “MOOOOOMMMMMY” makes me drop the camera and run to the door. “AHHHHHHHH” makes my heart jump into my throat. “He licked me” makes me stop and scratch my head. There he is standing on the front porch with the caterpillar in his hand, pointing to where he “licked” him. I started laughing and gave him a huge hug.

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