Kaleb hearts Seattle!

Since I have been working for my sister, while her assistant is on maternity leave, Kaleb and Lilli have been hanging out with my mom. Well my sister got a new t.v. and it picks up some really random channels that no one else gets. One of them is 7-2 and all it shows is a real time sky scape of Seattle. No sounds, nothing. Well Kaleb discovered it and he’s fallen in LOVE with watching Seattle. He will sit there and stare at it. Further proof that I have the biggest weirdo. He dressed himself by the way, and didn’t want to take it off. He has his day clothes on underneath. I don’t think kids get the concept of “layering”

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  1. it’s a HD Channel. Any hdtv can get them

  2. She has basic cable and we have digital and the same tv and don’t get it. Wish we did though

  3. That’s too funny! I have a four year old that layers too. He came down the other morning with four shirts on “in case he got hot”! Aren’t they a joy! I am Nicole…from diaperswappers. Nice blog!

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