I got a chance yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping with my sister yesterday. We went to the Sper Mall and I found more stuff for ME than anyone else. Typical. WELL the highlight of the trip was that they opened a Steve and Barry’s there! I am in LOVE. Remember what Old Navy was like when they first opened? Low prices. Yup, that’s Steve and Barry’s. I got my FIL a great Jeep shirt from the kids for Christmas. I also got a t-shirt for my self from Sarah Jessica Parkers new line Bitten. It says “Have you hugged a rain drop today?” SUPER cute, and I love that her sizing is true to size. I would have gotten a few more of her shirts, but they were out of my size. SO sad.

Ryan hopefully won’t be working this weekend, and we will go again. If not, I will go back with my sister. They have a GREAT Santa, and I would love to get the kid’s pictures done.

I have also been approved for my Payperpost account, so you will notice some advertising going on! I love that I will be able to make a little extra “fun” cash for myself. Most likely to be spent on the kids. So I hope you don’t mind seeing those now and again.

I have been crafting again, but I can’t get pictures, since my camera cord went MIA. Ryan said he thought he put it on the counter, but we have looked high and low for it. I’m sure one of the kids is playing hide and seek with it.

Well off to “work” a bit.

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PayPerPost is pretty much the best thing ever! I get to blog about different products, companies, websites AND get PAID for it! I love blogging, so this will be a great opportunity to make a little extra money. The money will most likely get used up on my wool obsession, but at least I won’t have to explain all the new packages that keep arriving on our doorstep. I am pretty new to it all, but it’s very user friendly, and there a lots of people to meet and talk to. I found out about it when I was visiting one of my cloth diapering forums. I am SO glad I clicked on the link. I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t heard about this sooner. It was easy to sign up for. The hardest thing was the wait while my blog was being approved. Silly huh? I MAY even spend some on Christmas. I have checked out a few of the sponsors and have gotten some really great ideas. Plus now that Amber finally had her baby and I won’t be working for my sister, it will be nice to have a little “fun” money. I can’t wait to get started, and check out all these new websites and sponsors!

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On the go blogging!

That’s right I am in the car on the way to MIL and I’m blogging! We got the Sprint on the go card and it’s great. I don’t know if that is the right name or not. It’s just as fast as at home, and everything is loading great. It works every where I get cell phone service, so I can be online up until Hwy 38 in OR. That is the only place where I loose reception, and by that time I will probably be ready for a break.

This time around wasn’t too hard on me packing wise, though I did have trouble deciding how many diapers to take again. I was thinking about just taking my Fuzzi Bunz and washing every night, but decide on bringing some prefolds and covers as well. I did find in my packing that I am missing my baby pink Fuzzi Bunz. I wonder where it could be? I am getting excited to see the new style of Fuzzi Bunz. I am crossing my fingers that they add that hip snap.

Lilli helped me pack her bag and all she wanted to take was dresses. ALL her dresses. She would throw them in and scream when I went to take them out. So I packed them and tights and an outfit with pants. She put her Llamajamas in as well, but I snuck them out when she went to bed. I would really hate for something to happen to them. I seriously would die a little inside. The only wool item I took was her new skirty.

I realized about an hour back that I forgot my camera! I am SO upset. I hope MIL doesn’t mind me taking over her camera. Good thing I can download the pictures right on to the laptop.

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ANNND we’re off!

Well almost anyway. We have finally decided on a name for our Hyena Cart! I have size labels coming my way, as well as some poly mailers. I have a few testers that are being send out today, and I just realized that we will need some business cards. Whew! Things for the most part are falling into place. I am still working on some other things to stock as well, and perfecting patterns. It’s all very exciting!

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I have been looking for a new diaper pattern and found a really great one! I hate making my own patterns, and wasting fabric trying to get it just right. I found this one and it’s for a fitted one size diaper that you are supposed to be able to use from small to toddler. We still have to fold it down a bit, so I have a feeling that we will be able to use this one for a while. Plus I love the fact that you can stuff it with whatever you want! I want to try and get some organic velour and make a SUPER yummy one! Here’s the link to the pattern:

Here is how they turned out. The jungle baby one I made a little smaller through the crotch, but it’s a little hard to stuff, so I made the purple owl one wider. I also used different elastic in them, and I like the knit one a lot better. Much easier to work with. Anywho here they are in all their one-size glory!

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Oh and just for the heck of it here’s Lilli modeling her dip dyed Llamajamas! I am in LURVE with these, and she never wants to take them off. Yes, those are post its on her head. Yes, I know she’s a weirdo.

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Look what I made!

I had a bad day, and to make myself feel better I made a pull up soaker! I have had this huge pile of fleece, just waiting to be turned into something great. I got my WCW soaker in today and I LOVE it! So this soaker was inspired by it. I’m taking a small break to show this off and then I am off to make one for Ashley! Just a little more manly for her little guy. Lets see if she’s checking my blog. LOL. Anywho here it is!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Ho, Ho, Ho?

As in already? I drove past the first Christmas tree stand, and I had to do a double take. That was fast. Target already has all there Christmas stuff up! I’m actually really excited. last year, Ryan was just starting out at his job so things were a little tight. This year, since I am temping for my sister, I have already made all my Christmas money! STOKED! I can’t wait to go shopping. I am still working on what I would like to get everyone.

Poor Lilli has croup. I broke out the nebulizer, and so far she hasn’t gotten that horrible cough. She just sounds weezy. She needed a new humidifier and i couldn’t find the one at Walmart. So I went to good old Target! I was torn between the Hello Kitty with the night light and the one I originally came in to buy. In the end, Hello Kitty lost out to the built in air purifier.

Anna had her pony party today. Kaleb had a BLAST. He even rode one. I asked him if he wanted to have a pony party too, but he is still stuck on his Seattle party. I still don’t know what I am going to do for it though. Plus the cake needs to be designed.

I have also been busy crafting. I decided to switch Lilli over to cloth wipes since her last ped appt. All those awful diaper rashes from the sposies left some damage that I had never thought could happen. Anyway all cloth for her. I got some really cute ones off of HC, and have been making some of my own. I am thinking about making some mama pads for me. I have some yummy fleece and scraps of flannel left over from some diapers. Pictures to follow when I finish.

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