How cool!

So I am already packing for Hawaii, and I am having to figure out how to pack for me and Lilli for a long time. Thank goodness that the condo has coin laundry machines! Any who, while I was at Target I noticed they had space saver bags for travel. Some one out there just said duh, I heard you! Well I had seen them on tv and thought it was a cool idea. Any way Tiana says she uses them when she packs, so I went ahead and bought a pack. OMG they are great. I put all the clothes I was taking for Lilli and rolled out the air. It only takes up half of my small suitcase! I can so fit more in there. I will be using them for my clothes as well. I pulled out all my skirts and bought a new pair of shorts. I have to find a few more tank tops, but I think that I am just going to go back to Walmart and buy more white ones and then dye them.

HAHA there is a space bag commercial on right now! True story. One question, why would you store them in the tub with bubbles?

Anyway I have my checklist for travel. I am getting excited!

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I never really intended to take a blogging break, but every time I started to sit down nothing seemed very important. I don’t really want to go into too much detail since I’m not at a place where I feel like sharing. I am going to update on a whole slew of other things though.

Ryan left for HI on the 14th and we have been missing him like crazy. It seems to have affected Lilli the hardest. She had a mini baby breakdown last night, that pretty much broke my heart. We were over at my mom’s and she was playing when all of a sudden she stopped and looked around. The next second she just burst into tears and started doing that silent freak out cry. I ran over to her to make sure she wasn’t hurt, when she let out the most pitiful “I want my DAADDDDDY”. I called him and handed her the phone, but she threw it down and cried some more. Poor baby :(. We are going to visit him though! I’m so excited. Kaleb…not so much. I mentioned that we were going to see daddy, and I immediatly saw the fear in his eyes. When I asked him waht was wrong, he said he didn’t want to go in an airplane. They go too fast! They get broken. So last night he tells me “you and baby go see daddy, I stay here with Mum and Madison” I would feel so sad to leave him behind, but if I buy a ticket and he has a mental breakdown, I don’t know what I will do. Or if he will react with an eating strike like he did the last time we forced him to do something he didn’t want to. Sigh.

Although Ryan is staying in a condo, it has a coin operate laundry. Which means that the cloth needs to stay behimd. Both mine and Lilli’s. Whomp. That also means that I need to find sposies that won’t make Lilli break out in a rash. I will be fine, I know what I can use. The last time I bought sposies for Lilli was over 8 months ago! The STRESS! How do sposies work anyway? LOL.

I have also been selling a lot of custom orders lately! Yay! I like that I’m getting my name out there. I am working on a great custom for Issy and I am getting so excited on how it is turning out. I would take a picture, BUT my darling Lilli killed my camera. She broke my screen so I can’t tell what I am taking a picture of until I upload it. Urgh. I plan on just getting a cheapy one since I am getting my Canon Rebel when Ryan gets back. EEEEE!

Selling the customs has helped me to fund my Ergo, Beco, or Yamo carrier. NOW if I can just get someone to sell one to me. The first day of looking, I lost out on 8. 8! I am still waiting to hear back from a lady on DS about her Beco which is lime swirls. So me! I am getting a little discouraged that I now have enough to buy a new Ergo, but can’t bring myself to do it. Ryan says just go for it, since I sold things to get and not using any of our funds. Plus he’s excited about getting a carrier that he can use as well. He is brave enough to use the sling around the house, but not in public. Plus even if if I did buy it new, the next baby can use it as well.

Way OT, but I just saw the preview for the new Bring it On tonight! STOKED!

Anyway my sister and I are going to go to Target tonight to see what kind of cheap cameras they have there and buy Lilli some sandals. I found a box of clothes from last year and a large majority still fit. My poor stumpy kid. I did put a pair of pants on her today that were too short in the inseam, so I think there is some hope.

I need to stop since I just looked up and see that Lilli is now smashing Cheerios into little bits.

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Happy New Year!

First post of 2008 AND my 50th post! Very exciting indeed. Last year was a great year, and I KNOW that this year will be just as exciting. Last year we had some great events as well as not so great ones, but that is to be expected. I made a Wiggles cake for Kaleb’s 3rd birthday, Lilli’s first birthday, Ryan being at the shipyard for a year, I got to see Rachel, AND of course I got my Coach bag. I brought in the New Year with a kiss and a huge smile on my face.

The count down begins for when Ryan leaves on his tdy trip to HI. Part of me wants to hold on to him and tell him not to go, but I know this is a great opportunity for him and our family. The thought of being all alone for 4 whole months is daunting, but we will manage.

Hmmm I noticed that I never did a post about Christmas. Silly me! I will have to get pictures later, since I was a dummy and left it at my mom’s last night. We spent Christmas eve at my mom’s and she bought me a Hello Kitty cd player! Super cute, and much needed for the sewing room. My sister got me a pink iPod! I had to laugh and was a little embarrassed. She had gotten it WAY back in July and has had it sitting on her counter since then. I have seen it about 84,000 times. She had said that she got it free with something and was going to sell it. I agreed that it was a great idea and had gone on to tell her that I just LOVE the green ones and that if I were to get one it would be green. I guess not! It’s super cute and I love and have already spoiled it with a new case and the iTrip. My cousin got me some mugs to my Christmas dish set! Doug(my other cousin) got me this YUMMY soy candle! Ryan and I spent most of the night putting together some of the kid’s toys.

Christmas morning the kids were so excited all their new toys. We had gotten Kaleb a wooden fire station and he ran to that and started playing with that first. Lilli ran over to her new rocking chair before she spotted her new baby and cradle. It was a great MIC free Christmas! Ryan got me this beautiful heart necklace, some jammies, robe, and some cd’s and Burt’s Bees for my stocking.

We headed over to my Aunts for Christmas day, and she got me a WHOLE place setting to my dishes! My Uncle got me and Ryan this HUGE metal fruit bowl, it’s so cool. My cousin Tricia got the kids gift certificates to Build a Bear, and I can’t wait to take them in to get them.

THEN the next morning we headed down to Ryan’s parents for another session of present opening. The kids got some more great things. Kaleb got his Lucky Duck game and Lilli got an awesome wooden doll stroller. I got a book that I wanted AND a picture that I had been eyeballing at Target for FOREVER. She bought it up here when she was visiting while I was a the store with her! We stayed down there for a bit, and headed home on the 30th.

We were planning on having New Years eve here at the house, and needed to get back to pick up a little. My birth mom was planning on cooking and it was SO yummy. LOVE her food. She got my first Coach purse a baby sister that I am in love with! I really got spoiled this year.

Like I said I will get pictures of everything up as soon as I retrieve my camera. PHEW this was a long post!

So to recap…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check back for some exciting news AND pictures!

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