How cool!

So I am already packing for Hawaii, and I am having to figure out how to pack for me and Lilli for a long time. Thank goodness that the condo has coin laundry machines! Any who, while I was at Target I noticed they had space saver bags for travel. Some one out there just said duh, I heard you! Well I had seen them on tv and thought it was a cool idea. Any way Tiana says she uses them when she packs, so I went ahead and bought a pack. OMG they are great. I put all the clothes I was taking for Lilli and rolled out the air. It only takes up half of my small suitcase! I can so fit more in there. I will be using them for my clothes as well. I pulled out all my skirts and bought a new pair of shorts. I have to find a few more tank tops, but I think that I am just going to go back to Walmart and buy more white ones and then dye them.

HAHA there is a space bag commercial on right now! True story. One question, why would you store them in the tub with bubbles?

Anyway I have my checklist for travel. I am getting excited!

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  1. OMG I can’t wait till you’re here!

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