An Update and a Preview

So I really have been meaning to update, and I was hoping that I would have a little more time while I was here. Not so much. Been pretty busy, but I guess that was to expected.

I am going to try and sit down this afternoon and do a nice long blog all about cloth diapers. I have had a lot of people email me with questions and I thought it would be great for them to have one place to go back to with links and some handy tips.

I have also gotten a lot of pm’s and comments regarding the blinkies I have up on my Myspace and forum signatures. SO I gathered them and have been uploading them, and will have a nice long post for you guys to snag them.

Let see, OH, Ryan is getting his new tattoo today as well, and I will try and get some pictures. He’s really excited about starting his sleeve, and has been looking for things left and right. I think the things he has come up with are great! All of them have a really special meaning. I’m sad though, because I was supposed to bring the kid’s foot prints, but I had a lot of things going on and…yeah. He’s been really excited looking for ideas for my next one as well. We have had some luck, but I think it’s going to come down to having someone draw it out for me. He’s also been pushing for me to get my nosed pierced. Wierdo. LOL. I love him.

Lets see what else? OH! Look for a post for March For Babies. It’s almost that time of year again, and I’m looking to try and surpass my goal this year.

I think that is all for the time being. Hopefully I can back this afternoon.

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