I lost my cell phone.  AGAIN!

On a side note.  WTF is up with the snow?  I have errands to run today and tomorrow and snow really doesn’t help.  At all.  Luckily it’s not sticking and I think that if I head out right now I can get back before it gets nasty, if it does that is.  Just a quick in and out of the stores for a few party favors for Kaleb’s party since I got a bigger budget.  Thanks honey!  I also have to get some balloons since they were requested by the birthday boy.

Ok well this was a pretty random senseless post.  Sigh.

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Two Colors one cause!

cute myspace layouts

cute myspace layouts


free myspace background


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Busy, busy. That’s what I have been. I got back home on Monday night, but due to the time change we have been all out of whack. We have been getting to bed earlier, but still late at the same time. Great news is Lilli has been sleeping through the night in HER bed!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe. Thankfully I hadn’t broken it. I did dislocate it and pulled the tendion to almost snapping. The doctor said that is why I feel like something is between my toes. Gross I know.

TODAY is Kaleb’s 4th birthday! I have a four year old, scary. We are going to see the Wiggles and tomorrow we are going up in the Space Needle! He is fully potty trained now and even makes it through the night. He got to pick out all new undies and I was honestly surprised that he has very boring taste. LOL. I got Lilli two packs of Hello Kitty undies, even though she hasn’t started training. They were too cute to pass up.

We are going to have Kaleb’s actual birthday party next week. I had originally planned on this Sunday, but Easter snuck up on me. So next Saturday will be his Space Needle party. I will be spending the week transforming the dining room into a city scape. I think I will blow a picture up of him up in the needle and put it in one of those frames that people can sign.

Well my coffee is almost gone, so I will bid farewell to you guys for now! I’ll probably update with LOTS of pictures from the concert!

Help me reach my goal!Sponsor Me at March for Babies!

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I was tagged!

I was tagged on Myspace, but I blog here, so here it goes! Oh and it was post random things about your self. I have been really bad at explaining myself lately.

1. I am addicted to WAHM wares. WAHM= work at home mom. It doesn’t help that there is a whole site for just that! So here’s a fun plug for Hyena Cart! I love trying the new soaps, plus it helps that many WAHM make cloth diapers. I am enjoying not relying on mainstream products.

2. I LOVE my cloth pads. I am so glad that I made the switch. Best. Choice. Ever. My kid wears cloth and I do too! I got mine off of a Hyena cart congo, but when I went to look for the link, it looks like she’s not part of that congo anymore. I hope I find her somewhere else, because I really wanted to order more:( Here is a picture of MY current stash.Photobucket Pretty right? WAY comfy too. On a side not, I cam across this site that is trying to send cloth pads to girls in Africa. I love it! Help out too! Goods 4 Girls.

3. Although I am trying to quit the mainstream I am hopelessly addicted to Target. In my defense I am a super clearance shopper. Does that help me out at all? Thought not. So this is probably a good place to plug this:) The Story of Stuff Ah reduce, reuse, recycle!

4. I always want to purge stuff and can never seem to get it under control. When I get home, I have a strong urge to Freecycle everything! There is still stuff in boxes, and I *think* I have come to gripes with the fact that I am never going to be a size 6 again. I’m ok with it really. I just need the stuff out of my house.

5. Everytime I *think* I am getting this parenting thing under control, it throws me for a loop. Not a whole lot to say on that subject I suppose.

6. I LOVE my online friends. I’m excited that a few are close to me and we get to meet up. Here’s to people you have things in common with. Love you Hookers! LOL.

7. This isn’t that random, but I am SO addicted to my new camera it’s not even funny. I left the room for about 15 minutes yesterday and took 80 pictures. I was excited that I found Tanya’s gecko. So thank you again, Ryan! I love you too!

That wraps that up! I tag Tanya!

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OH Tanya!

Lookie what I finally got for you!


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Ellaroo Recall

Again I don’t have one of these, but I know mommas that do.

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Beco Recall.

I don’t personally have one of these carriers, but I know moms that do! Here is the information on it. I am going to start adding recalls for children’s items when they come through.

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OK! Ready to spill :)

So my wonderful husband, as depicted here jumping into the clean pile of laundry,
got me a present! He’s weird and just likes jumping into clean laundry. I find it easier to just go along with things and not ask too many questions. ON a side note you can KIND of see his new tattoo. Super hot. Whoa just heard someone say get on with the spilling already!

WELL… He got me a brand new Canon Rebel XTI DSRL!!!!!!!!! Sexiest camera, EVER! I am so in love with it, and the pictures are just amazing. Breath taking. One of my favorite subjects is my kiddos. I can’t wait until I get home and capture Kaleb’s first trip up to the top of the Space Needle, Easter and the Wiggles concert.

LOL. That last one is so true. Lilli has fallen in love with them, which is convenient since we have ALL the stuff from Kaleb. Perfect timing. This is her second concert, but she can actually walk and dance now. It will be so much fun.

Meanwhile, here are two more pictures until then! First is Miss Lilli at the beach.

Just some beach toys, but I think it came out cute!

I love my husband!

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I have the best husband ever! EVER. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I am going to sit on this for a bit, but I’ll let you guys in on it later!

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