I was tagged!

I was tagged on Myspace, but I blog here, so here it goes! Oh and it was post random things about your self. I have been really bad at explaining myself lately.

1. I am addicted to WAHM wares. WAHM= work at home mom. It doesn’t help that there is a whole site for just that! So here’s a fun plug for Hyena Cart! I love trying the new soaps, plus it helps that many WAHM make cloth diapers. I am enjoying not relying on mainstream products.

2. I LOVE my cloth pads. I am so glad that I made the switch. Best. Choice. Ever. My kid wears cloth and I do too! I got mine off of a Hyena cart congo, but when I went to look for the link, it looks like she’s not part of that congo anymore. I hope I find her somewhere else, because I really wanted to order more:( Here is a picture of MY current stash.Photobucket Pretty right? WAY comfy too. On a side not, I cam across this site that is trying to send cloth pads to girls in Africa. I love it! Help out too! Goods 4 Girls.

3. Although I am trying to quit the mainstream I am hopelessly addicted to Target. In my defense I am a super clearance shopper. Does that help me out at all? Thought not. So this is probably a good place to plug this:) The Story of Stuff Ah reduce, reuse, recycle!

4. I always want to purge stuff and can never seem to get it under control. When I get home, I have a strong urge to Freecycle everything! There is still stuff in boxes, and I *think* I have come to gripes with the fact that I am never going to be a size 6 again. I’m ok with it really. I just need the stuff out of my house.

5. Everytime I *think* I am getting this parenting thing under control, it throws me for a loop. Not a whole lot to say on that subject I suppose.

6. I LOVE my online friends. I’m excited that a few are close to me and we get to meet up. Here’s to people you have things in common with. Love you Hookers! LOL.

7. This isn’t that random, but I am SO addicted to my new camera it’s not even funny. I left the room for about 15 minutes yesterday and took 80 pictures. I was excited that I found Tanya’s gecko. So thank you again, Ryan! I love you too!

That wraps that up! I tag Tanya!

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  1. Thank you, I guess 🙂 I have to think up some randomness whenever Freddy is sleeping!

    But how the heck do your pads aren’t stained??? I want to know the secret!

  2. I soak in cold water and rub any stains with Fels Naptha! I want o try the Luna Rinse.

  3. what is Fels Naptha???

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