Busy, busy. That’s what I have been. I got back home on Monday night, but due to the time change we have been all out of whack. We have been getting to bed earlier, but still late at the same time. Great news is Lilli has been sleeping through the night in HER bed!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe. Thankfully I hadn’t broken it. I did dislocate it and pulled the tendion to almost snapping. The doctor said that is why I feel like something is between my toes. Gross I know.

TODAY is Kaleb’s 4th birthday! I have a four year old, scary. We are going to see the Wiggles and tomorrow we are going up in the Space Needle! He is fully potty trained now and even makes it through the night. He got to pick out all new undies and I was honestly surprised that he has very boring taste. LOL. I got Lilli two packs of Hello Kitty undies, even though she hasn’t started training. They were too cute to pass up.

We are going to have Kaleb’s actual birthday party next week. I had originally planned on this Sunday, but Easter snuck up on me. So next Saturday will be his Space Needle party. I will be spending the week transforming the dining room into a city scape. I think I will blow a picture up of him up in the needle and put it in one of those frames that people can sign.

Well my coffee is almost gone, so I will bid farewell to you guys for now! I’ll probably update with LOTS of pictures from the concert!


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  1. YAY!!! Welcome to wordpress!!! 🙂

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