On the road again…

Literally. I am updating in the car. Sadly this is the only time that I have had to actually sit ad update, without interruption. So update time.

My grandma hasn’t been doing too well. She is doing ok, not getting any worse which is a good thing. She has a 3-4inch blood clot in her leg, which leaves her unable to move on her own now. So some one needs to be there in case she needs to get up or something. Thankfully my family has rallied around and are helping as much as possible. The main work has landed on my mom though. So if you had tried calling or getting a hold of me, that is where I spend much of my time. The loss of my cell phone has also added to that. Thankfully I found that this morning tough.

The kids have bee just as crazy as they always have been. Kaleb is a weirdo. He is on a HUGE Wiggles kick again and will only wear yellow shirts. It’s been interesting. Lilli has been playing along with him although it infuriates him that she won’t wear purple when he wants her too. He also has taken another key of my laptop. While I had tried to replace the “h” key that was chewed off I noticed that it wouldn’t pop on. Upon closer inspection the little metal hook that holds it in place got broken off. The “n” key was his next victim. SO I am looking into a new laptop. I think that I am going to get a new keyboard to replace this broken one and try and sell it. He won’t say why he took them off either. Absolutely maddening.

On a really off topic, someone wrote a blog entry about one of my posts! My wish list was talked about here! Too funny. Yes I do LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom! I seriously almost got a used one, but a Coach bag won. Hey! It was lime green ok?!? All in all my decision was swayed since my bag included shipping and ended up being a little cheaper.

The kids and I went on our first Gig Harbor mom’s Meetup group. Not the most welcoming group imo. Neither kids got along with the other kids there. Oh well. We met up with some moms from The Baby Wearer on Thursday. Not only did I have a blast, but the kids got along GREAT! It turns out one of the mom’s was from DS and we had been trying to meet up since February! Funny. I got to hold and love on 2 squishy babies. I also got to drool over the mostest gorgeous wrap! OMG I am So going to try one next time around. I got a nice demonstration and we tried to get Lilli to be wrapped, but it was a no go. Oh well. She loves the Lucky Baby more than anything, and I can actually get all my grocery shopping done in ONE trip!

Speaking of shopping, I found the CUTEST coat for Lilli, for next winter. I have been picking up a few items as I see them here and there for her. She FINALLY decided to grow and skip 18month pants altogether. Go figure. So I think I am just going to get slim 2T items. Thankfully there is another kid’s sale in October.

So as to why I am in the car. WELL, after my get together with the BW gals, Ryan called me from work and asked if we could go down and see his parents. Then this morning he called and said that he got off work early. So here we are. I had to do a load of diaper laundry before we headed out though, so we got a later start than HE would have liked. Oh wells.


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  1. You have the lucky baby??? I want to see pics asap!!!
    When are you gonna be in our area? 😉

  2. I actually have 3 Lucky Baby’s. LOL. I will try and get a picture for you though! I love my new one, it’s an organic one.

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