Phooey! Woohoo!


This awful weather!  Come on sun!  I got a cold from you btw.

My trashed house.  Granted I have been under the weather, but we have now officially run out of spoons.  Sad.  Very Sad.

That 4 of my diapers need to be stripped and I have NO RLR.  Crap.

Bills.  LOL, just in general.


Bentos!  LURVE, got Hello Kitty rice molds in yesterday.

New shoes, or new to me anyway.  I scored a pair of Prima Crocs and I am SO in love.  Super comfy btw.

DDR mats!  Ok I scored this beauty at the Goodwill for 20 bucks NEW in the box.  Plugged it in and it works.  EEEEE!  I gotta get a game though.

New paint.  I want to paint the bathroom.  Picked out colors, Ryan LOVED them.  That was easy!

My new laundry Shelf.  Heehee, I’ll post a pic of this one, it’s a little hard to explain.

Ryan, for putting up the laundry shelf and loving the paint colors.

The Prius game.  HEEHEE, Ryan and I are kinda lame.  If you wanna know what it is ask 😉

Sigh, don’t you just LOVE useless ramble posts?

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  1. You’re too cute, Laini! 🙂 It’s the little things in life that bring joy to us… And I have to admit, this weather has become quite irritating. I’m SOOOOO thankful we got sunshine yesterday and today, I will be making a goal of enjoying the sunshine when I get off work at 2pm today, woohoo!! 😀

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