My kids crack me up!

The other day we went out to Shari’s and Kaleb was sitting next to me.  He looks down at his arm and says “My arm is white because I have no boobie”  I blinked several times trying not to laugh and he looks at his arm again and goes ” well, I just have little boobies”  No explanation.  He just shrugged his shoulders and finished eating his grapes.  Ok then.

The night before last, Lilli and I were sitting on the couch watching Jon and Kate plus 8, Kate was doing Laundry and Lilli looked up and gasped.  She looked at me and says “MOMMY and mashie ma sheen”  I think she was so proud she knew what it was.

weirdos the lot of them.

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I gots new shoes!  I think they are pretty much the most fantastic things I have ever seen.  They are made out of a satiny fabric and, um yeah, those are flamingos!

Oh did I mention that I found them at Goodwill with the tags still attached?  Yeah 3.99 baby!

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Well I was going to…

I was going to join in the 10 on 10 this month, but it just wasn’t my month.  Maybe next month.  I got one picture before I had a set back!

That was breakfast before heading to the park.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE.  It dawned on me that they were still at my mom’s.  OY.  Well we headed to the park after I got the keys of course and I FULLY intended on taking a few pictures while I was there.  I got distracted by squishy Anabelle who was a wake and out of her wrap.  After the park we headed to the library to take a few books back, then raced back to my mom’s so that I could head out with my sister.

We went into Tacoma for an appraisal and after had time to kill while waiting to got o the next one.  We headed over to Joann Fabrics to find something to cover her new chairs with.  I found fold over elastic that is SUPER soft to make some undies for Lilli.  I also got the fabric stiffener for bows.  After that we headed to Marlene’s.  I was starving and HAD to get something there 🙂  Veggies and Rice with Tofu it was.  I also got a Mango smoothie.  While waiting for my food I headed over to the laundry isle so that I could get some Bac out.  My diapers have been ok, but I could tell that I really needed it.  I discovered a new laundry detergent there that smelled like fresh oranges.  YUM.  I didn’t know how it would fair with my diapers though.  I did find Country Save there so I grabbed a box to try out.  Then noticed that they had the liquid as well, but it was like $3 more.  LOL.  Meh if I like it I will try the liquid.  It was at Marlene’s that I noticed my phone was off.  Weird.  So if you tried to call and got my voice mail, that was why.

We then headed down to Olympia for our next appointment.  While we were driving I was telling my sister about these mounds that my step dad found in the newspaper.  I couldn’t remember the name or where exactly they were.  All of a sudden we passed a SIGN!  It was on the same road as our appointment!  Crazy.  SO we hit it up on the way back.

They are called the Mima Mounds and they are in Littlerock, WA. SO freaking cool!  Here a couple of my favorite pictures.  All my photos are clickable btw!

UM, I want this instead!

LOL I am a fickle one.  I want this too!  I think this girl is freaking awesome.

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My Happy Day!

Ryan reminded me that my Happy Day(Birthday) is coming up in 13 days.  Sad when you have to be reminded.  Any who he asked me what I wanted.  I have no clue really.  So I sat and REALLY thought about it.  I hate clothes right now, NOTHING fits right.  I’m too picky about shoes.  I’m not a jewelry person.  Hmm spa day would be nice.  Then it hit me.  I WANT THIS!

I can’t decide which one and I kind of want to see if she will make one out of fabric that I already have.  I have this beautiful teal Asian print that would be AMAZING as one.  At any rate it would be WAY more comfy that the one that comes with the camera.  I know I could make one myself, but come on.  Treats are FUN!

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Why, Hello Kitty!

I made the flowers for Lilli’s cake last night as well as finishing up her hair bows. I was having a really hard time finding flower cookie cutters small enough for what I was wanting. I headed to Michaels and was disappointed to find that the Wilton’s ones were really big. I found what I was looking for in the clay section though. Super random, but PERFECT! SO here is the process of fondant flowers.

Bah, is all I can say. I put the whole cake together this morning and while I’m not in LOVE with how it turned out I was pleased. I didn’t feel like covering the whole thing in fondant and smoothing butter cream is a pain in the ass. So you can really see where I got sloppy and tired.

I think next time I will save myself the frustration and just do the stupid fondant. Ah well, Lilli loves it!

Here’s the outfit I made. I LOVE how it turned out. She will be wearing a pink Fuzzi Bunz underneath.

I will definitely be getting a fabric stiffener for the ribbon next time around. The korkers are a pain being all floppy. A little bit of a learning curve with those. I will post an action shot a little later!

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Happy 4th of July Everyone!

I was browsing Craftster the other night for some inspiration on Lilli’s cake, when I stumbled upon this post. Freaking awesome, no? SO when I was asked to bring an easy dessert today I jumped at the chance to try this out. Of course rainbow cupcakes weren’t fitting BUT red, white and blue are!

The first batch, I put too much batter in the cups and they overflowed. Oh well, they tasted great! Meanwhile I had my little “helpers” serenading me. They are such weirdos. I adore them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilli! Oh and though not too many care, I made Kaleb’s shirt. It was the first time that I ever put sleeves on something!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!

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The one where she goes on and on…

So call me a bad mom, but I just bribed my kids with tortilla chips so that I could sit down and write a blog. They are organic, but still.

So the end of June brought about our 6th anniversary. Crazy. We took the ferry over to Seattle again. Not before stopping for coffee!

In case anyone wanted to know, Ryan had hot chocolate and mine is my new favorite Pike Place drip. Yum.

We hit the aquarium. Isn’t this guy awesome?

I made a skirt for the day although I am not happy with the waist and am going to remake that when I get a minute. Since no one else can touch my camera I conveniently found a HUGE mirror. LOL. Super crappy picture, but you get the idea of the skirt. People kept walking in front of me giving me funny looks. Sheesh. I just need to toot my own horn by saying that I did it all without a pattern 🙂

We walked around the market and saw this guy.

Then we rode the monorail to get something to eat. SO we get off the monorail and see this. Awesome.

On the way out of Westlake Center I spotted a Bento store, which I REALLY wanted to stop in, but we needed to catch our ferry. Next time. I know that it’s there now.

Had to get the Space Needle in there too.  I LOVE the Space Needle!

So last weekend we had a garage sale.  It was so hot out, but I had fun.  I got burned tough and now have the WORST farmers tan.  Ever.  Sold a lot of stuff, but we plan on having another one after the 4th.  It is really nice to have the garage all cleaned up.

This weekend we are having Lillli’s birthday party!  She’s going to be 2 tomorrow.  It’s really crazy.  I will say that we have hit the terrible two’s.  HARD.  She’s always been more strong willed that Kaleb ever was, but at times it’s down right unbearable.

She’s having a Hello Kitty birthday, which I will admit that I had TONS of fun planning and buying for.  I still need to locate some Hello Kitty mylar balloons.  Once the house is all decorated I will get pictures up.  I also made her outfit, but I still have to finish her hair bows before I will post pictures.

Lets see, what else?  OH Kaleb got into his Pre School class!  We had originally planned on homeschooling, but a few of his friends that he plays with talk about school and he has been really asking about it.  I figured we won’t loose too much with pre school.  We stopped by the other day and he seemed SO excited about it.  It was also the day that my car wouldn’t start.  Ugh, it needed a new ignition switch.  Thank you to all the nice people who helped me out.  The guys at Eagle Tire, I believe it’s called, in Gig Harbor were AWESOME and made sure that my ac was working before they let me drive the car to the dealer.

I think that’s about it.  For now…

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