The one where she goes on and on…

So call me a bad mom, but I just bribed my kids with tortilla chips so that I could sit down and write a blog. They are organic, but still.

So the end of June brought about our 6th anniversary. Crazy. We took the ferry over to Seattle again. Not before stopping for coffee!

In case anyone wanted to know, Ryan had hot chocolate and mine is my new favorite Pike Place drip. Yum.

We hit the aquarium. Isn’t this guy awesome?

I made a skirt for the day although I am not happy with the waist and am going to remake that when I get a minute. Since no one else can touch my camera I conveniently found a HUGE mirror. LOL. Super crappy picture, but you get the idea of the skirt. People kept walking in front of me giving me funny looks. Sheesh. I just need to toot my own horn by saying that I did it all without a pattern 🙂

We walked around the market and saw this guy.

Then we rode the monorail to get something to eat. SO we get off the monorail and see this. Awesome.

On the way out of Westlake Center I spotted a Bento store, which I REALLY wanted to stop in, but we needed to catch our ferry. Next time. I know that it’s there now.

Had to get the Space Needle in there too.  I LOVE the Space Needle!

So last weekend we had a garage sale.  It was so hot out, but I had fun.  I got burned tough and now have the WORST farmers tan.  Ever.  Sold a lot of stuff, but we plan on having another one after the 4th.  It is really nice to have the garage all cleaned up.

This weekend we are having Lillli’s birthday party!  She’s going to be 2 tomorrow.  It’s really crazy.  I will say that we have hit the terrible two’s.  HARD.  She’s always been more strong willed that Kaleb ever was, but at times it’s down right unbearable.

She’s having a Hello Kitty birthday, which I will admit that I had TONS of fun planning and buying for.  I still need to locate some Hello Kitty mylar balloons.  Once the house is all decorated I will get pictures up.  I also made her outfit, but I still have to finish her hair bows before I will post pictures.

Lets see, what else?  OH Kaleb got into his Pre School class!  We had originally planned on homeschooling, but a few of his friends that he plays with talk about school and he has been really asking about it.  I figured we won’t loose too much with pre school.  We stopped by the other day and he seemed SO excited about it.  It was also the day that my car wouldn’t start.  Ugh, it needed a new ignition switch.  Thank you to all the nice people who helped me out.  The guys at Eagle Tire, I believe it’s called, in Gig Harbor were AWESOME and made sure that my ac was working before they let me drive the car to the dealer.

I think that’s about it.  For now…

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  1. Was the photo of the Space Needle taken with that D-SLR that the hubby got you?

    By the way, congratulations on 6 years! Amazing how fast time flies by huh? I still cannot believe right now Jason and I first started talking 8 years ago.

  2. It was with D-SLR! I love that thing:)

  3. Congrats on 6 years, you guys!!! Seems like you had such a nice day! I wanna go to Seattle now… *cry*
    I love love love the pictures your camera takes!

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