Well I was going to…

I was going to join in the 10 on 10 this month, but it just wasn’t my month.  Maybe next month.  I got one picture before I had a set back!

That was breakfast before heading to the park.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE.  It dawned on me that they were still at my mom’s.  OY.  Well we headed to the park after I got the keys of course and I FULLY intended on taking a few pictures while I was there.  I got distracted by squishy Anabelle who was a wake and out of her wrap.  After the park we headed to the library to take a few books back, then raced back to my mom’s so that I could head out with my sister.

We went into Tacoma for an appraisal and after had time to kill while waiting to got o the next one.  We headed over to Joann Fabrics to find something to cover her new chairs with.  I found fold over elastic that is SUPER soft to make some undies for Lilli.  I also got the fabric stiffener for bows.  After that we headed to Marlene’s.  I was starving and HAD to get something there 🙂  Veggies and Rice with Tofu it was.  I also got a Mango smoothie.  While waiting for my food I headed over to the laundry isle so that I could get some Bac out.  My diapers have been ok, but I could tell that I really needed it.  I discovered a new laundry detergent there that smelled like fresh oranges.  YUM.  I didn’t know how it would fair with my diapers though.  I did find Country Save there so I grabbed a box to try out.  Then noticed that they had the liquid as well, but it was like $3 more.  LOL.  Meh if I like it I will try the liquid.  It was at Marlene’s that I noticed my phone was off.  Weird.  So if you tried to call and got my voice mail, that was why.

We then headed down to Olympia for our next appointment.  While we were driving I was telling my sister about these mounds that my step dad found in the newspaper.  I couldn’t remember the name or where exactly they were.  All of a sudden we passed a SIGN!  It was on the same road as our appointment!  Crazy.  SO we hit it up on the way back.

They are called the Mima Mounds and they are in Littlerock, WA. SO freaking cool!  Here a couple of my favorite pictures.  All my photos are clickable btw!


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  1. Well aren’t those the most interesting thing I’ve seen? Why is it I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and never knew about such a thing?

    I still get facinated by the weird gold religious statues on the drive to Longview on I-5…

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