We Went to the ZOO!

It was the first time this summer.  Due to the toll, we really don’t travel into Tacoma all that often anymore.  My Aunt has a zoo pass and wanted to take the kids before school started, so we packed up the car and headed in.  I was so happy, since I had been itching to see the new exhibits.  We now have meerkats and lemurs!  They were so cute and the windows were low enough that Lilli could happily look in all on her own.

They also added this great play area with slides and climbing toys and brought in a few new animals.  We didn’t make it to all the animals since the cousins were starving, but I will definitely be taking the kids back.  They had so much much fun!  Enjoy some more pictures below!  They are all clickable.

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We HEART our Fuzzi Bunz!

True story!  They were one of the first diapers that I ever tried on Lilli.  They are the ones that I always go back to.  As of late, they are the only diaper that we use.  Luckily they are a great fit for us and save for a few older ones with shot elastic, I have never had a problem.  I don’t get crazy stink build up, like with fitteds.  I don’t have to worry about squirming while I pin.  She can’t take them off, well she probably can, but doesn’t.  Ryan likes them and will even stuff them!  Kaleb loves to pick out which color diaper for Lilli.  My one and only complaint is that they NEED to have a dark purple and a hip snap.  So please come out with new colors and I will show you exactly where to put the hip snap 🙂  Photo proof that we are a Fuzzi Bunz family:

Who needs toys, when you can have warm diapers straight from the dryer!

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Nom Nom Nom!

So last night I remembered that we still had the ice cream cylinder freezing away in the garage freezer.  I bought the thing in July sometime and had yet to use it.  Another Goodwill score, that was brand new in the box!  So while I was making spaghetti I started making the ice cream for dessert.

Step one:

Mix 2 eggs and 2/3 cup sugar with an electric mixer until cream colored.

Step 2:

Add 1 3/4 cups milk, 2 cups cream and 2 tsp. vanilla.  Mix well!

Step 3:

Pour mixture into frozen cylinder.  DON’T however knock off the seal and forget to put it back on and then put the cylinder in the holder like I did.  Sigh.

Step 4:

In my case fix seal, fish cylinder out and put lid on top.

Let sit for about 2-3 minutes then turn the handle.  Let sit and turn until it gets thicker!  Have “the one who doesn’t nap” try turning.

Step 5:

Check the consistency!

Step 6:

Forget that you are documenting the whole process and eat it all gone before you realize that you forgot to take a picture!  Oh well maybe next time 🙂

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A little clarification.

I got a few emails this evening regarding my previous post about Derrick Barry.  Well he is a contestant onn America’s Got Talent and he is so freaking awesome!  His talent?  He is a Britney Spears impersonator.  Here is a link to his Youtube site: Derrick Barry.  He is really amazing and i’m crossing my fingers for him!

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Coolest person EVER. Ever.

I am in heart/lub/lurve/holla/britneylookalikeaman.

Everyone should agree.

Word.  Derrick Barry for president.

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A Little Bit Of This and That

Poor little Lilli got a summer something or the other.  We were out and about yesterday running errands and she seemed just fine.  We stopped at the Goodwill and when I got her out of her car seat she felt a little bit hot.  I wasn’t concerned, because she was riding in the sun and it was hot out yesterday.  I figured she was just sweaty.  The kids were so great in the store and they let me look at all the books.  I got a few as well as a yellow chair for Kaleb’s desk, an UBER hippy skirt for me, a Christmas dress for Lilli, two pairs of jammies for Kaleb and a pair of jeans for him as well.

After that we headed over to my sister’s to grab a few things.  When I got Lilli out of the car she still seemed warm and was coughing a little bit.  Hmm.  Kaleb was hungry so I set the kids up on his new bed over there and made something to eat.  My sister came in and said that Lilli’s eyes seemed to be watering.  Sigh.  So i went in there and felt her head and sure enough it was a fever.  We got out the thermometer and I was shocked to see it climb up to 102.3!  She was still acting fine though and I wasn’t going to giver her anything yet.  I gave her some juice and we headed home.  I set her up on our bed and put a few things away.  I checked her temp again and it was 103.  Crap.  I gave her something and she didn’t put up a fight.  She nursed and fell asleep only to wake up about 20 minutes later.  Needless to say it was a rough night and she still isn’t feeling well.  She still has a bit of a fever, but not as bad as last night, so hopefully it will break.

A few weeks ago Kaleb went to camp.  He liked it, but he asked that I not leave him anymore.  Poor guy.  He was very proud of the thing that he made and we have this HUGE paper haging in our house.

He looks so cute with his Wiggles backpack!

We have actually decided hot to send him to pre school and home school instead.  If he asks to got to school, then we will go from there.  He just really doesn’t seem to be ready to go out on his own.  Lilli will be a different story though!  She was more than happy to march in and make herself at home there!

Well little miss needs some snuggles!

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