Dancing in the rain:)

Yesterday was a great day.  Ryan and I had a kid free night and day.  It was awesome!  Now I love my kiddos dearly, but it was so nice to not change a diaper, get a juice box, trip over toys, break up a fight or bribe anyone.

We got to hang out and be reminded of us for once.  We got up late, ate breakfast at noon and then headed over to the store because I need a new headlight.  While I was there I found the BEST thing EVER!  Now anyone who knew me in high school can remember 2 things about me.  Well probably more things, but these are the thing that stand out.  I have LONG hair and I ALWAYS had Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker on me 🙂 They brought back the HUGE tubes again!  I literally squealed and grabbed the last package.  Ryan looked at me like I was a nutso until he saw what it was.  Apparently I was still using it when we first started dating and even while we were married.  I think I only stopped because I got pregnant with Kaleb.  I of course will get a picture later!

Then we headed home and Ryan fixed my headlight.  I tried watching for a little bit, but got bored by the time he was undoing the 5th bolt to take the battery off.  It takes 6 bolts to hold that bad boy on my car btw.  Light got fixed though!  I had lost interest and went inside to finish my Sex and the City movie.  It was good and I feel like I got a little more closure than when it ended.

After that we chilled at home and Ryan watched Mortal Combat, which I made fun of, because really it is a silly movie:)

We got hungry again because of all non child activities 😉 and I needed foil so we headed out to the store.  We ended up buying some apple pie and of course you need ice cream!  Then miracles of miracles happened.  4 years ago when we lived in Nantucket, Edy’s ice cream came out with a seasonal flavor.  Apple Pie ice cream.  They NEVER brought it back, because we have seriously looked, EVERY year.  They brought it back!  We both jumped and ended up buying 3 of them.  Ryan went to grab another one, but  I was laughing so hard I was almost crying and people were clearing out of the aisle.  I’m pretty sure they all though we were high or something, but WE GOT APPLE PIE ICE CREAM!  It was SO good btw and I wanted to get pictures, but maybe next time.  NOM, NOM, NOM!

Tonight I am getting my hair cut and then tomorrow, Ryan and I are going out on a date.  Dinner and a movie.  He won’t tell me where we are going to go eat though!  I’m excited 🙂

I promise I’ll get pictures of the Lip Smacker 🙂

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  1. You two are too cute!

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