Why, Hello, Dear Friend!

It has finally hit me.  Autumn is here.  HERE!  There have been signs, people have felt it.  I had still yet to feel it.  I got it this morning.  Lilli woke up and joined me in bed and was all snuggly in her footie Jammies.  We slept until 9.  Much needed for both of us.  I’m still wondering what God is up to giving me an early riser.  Kaleb will sleep until you let him, like me.  Needs his milk and HAS to chill before starting the day.  He’s so much like me.  Neither of us like to eat first thing in the morning either.  Lilli is mini Ryan.  Up like a shot a raring to go.  Can eat all day long and doesn’t slow down until she crashes.  She talks way to fast and gets SUPER loud when she gets excited.  Needless to say when they both get excited it gets loud in here.  Wow off track there 🙂  Back to my autumn feeling.  It’s cloudy and rainy and dreary and all I can think of is sweaters!  Hello Autumn, my dear friend!  Welcome!

Last night we snuggled under blankets.  I realized that they were both ones that I had made.  That made me smile and then I knew it was time to pick up my camera again.  I laughed, telling Ryan, that by buying me that camera he was giving me free reign to take pictures and post them on the internet.  He laughed and made faces at me.  I was trying to get one good one of him and his blanket that I crocheted while we were dating.  I finished it right before he left for MA.  It was the biggest project I had ever done and completed.  The edges are wonky and you can see where I couldn’t decide which stitch to use.  Here’s him “deciding” how he wanted his picture taken with the blanket:

Then he decided that he was going to “artsy”  Emo much?  Seriously how can you be grumpy and sad, wrapped in a baby blue and butter yellow blanket(don’t ask why I decided on those colors, all I can think is that they were my favorite at that time?)?

HAHA!!  He figured I wasn’t going to quit so, he finally just settled in and smiled.

I think he’s just smiling because he finally got a hold of the remote 😉

After that we both decided that we were going to perish if we didn’t have soda, so he made a store run.  He came back with some soda AND The Love Guru.  LOL.  It was late by that time, but we settled in to watch.  He told me to bring the camera up and get a good picture of the both of us.  OK, so that would be an easy task if I could be happy with the quality of my point and shoot.  Plus being a girl, we are never happy with a picture.  I made sure he was willing to sit through about 50 pictures.  Not to mention that I had to dig the tripod out.  Found out that my little one would tip over from the weight of the camera.  Then, since I don’t have a remote yet (HINT, HINT) I had to figure out the self timer mode.  Not as hard as I thought.  Got everything set up and whadyaknow.  First picture was perfect.  Aren’t we cute?

AWWWW.  We watched the movie, which is hilarious btw and if you need a good laugh, go get it!  It’s not very long either.  My sides actually hurt from laughing this morning.  It was a goodnight AND I woke up feeling Autumny.  Off to start my day!  I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow for Fish Bowl!

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  1. Fishbowl!

    I’m excited.

    You were on the phone with me while taking some of those pictures. How silly.

  2. Adorable!

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