Fish Bowl Baby!

Last night was so fun!  WET, but fun.  I hadn’t been to Fish Bowl since high school and Ryan has never been.  Duh.  When I say wet, I mean, it POURED.  Monsooned.  Torrential downpour.  Oy.  Tides won 0-33, but we left when the score was 0-27.  I was over the rain and was confident that the Tides would win.  Booyah!  Here are some pictures of the night.

ME!  On the way to the game.  I really need to get the hang of a point and shoot again.  I wasn’t about to let my baby get all wet.

Katie, talking to Richard, on the way to the game.  I tried to mess with the red eye, I swear!

Ryan, NOT cooperating.  Butt.

So I Kinneared(long story, but it has to do with Greg Kinnear, click the link) his ass.  HA!

OK, now do you believe that it was wet?  Crazy.

WET.  Wet.  Wet.  I was soaked, but still smiling!  Silly, Ryan!

SHOES!  Oh and wet pants 🙂

We found Chris!  We took about 4 pictures before settling on this one.  The camera was so wet and it was hard to keep your finger on the button.  He’s got Tide pride!

Ryan being cute.  I love his hair.  Awesome!

Here are the Tide boys.  Now not to knock them, but OUR Tide boys my Junior year were better.  Hotter.  Incidentally, I felt like a creeper taking pictures of them.  One of them had a blue mohawk.

Our cheerleaders, were actually good.  Cute as a button too.  I love their pink jerseys!

And PROOF that I wasn’t fibbing about the score:

Whomp, whomp, whomp Peninsula!  WE WIN, YOU LOSE!

Wow that was a lot of pictures!  🙂

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  1. That looked like all sorts of fun!

  2. It was super fun! Even in the rain 🙂

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