My Husband Is So Hot.

Just for the record, I need it out there on the internet.  Laini thinks her husband is hot 😉  There, forever on the internets.  We have spent the day being lazy and kid free.  It’s windy and a little drizzly out.  After a nap we decided to go for a walk.  A walk turned into driving to the Purdy Spit and walking along the water.  Yeah, NOT the best ideas that we have had.  It was really windy and my ears feel like they are going to bleed, but I got some great pictures so I don’t mind.  With the way I am going, I’m going to have to upgrade my photo space on here 🙂

Stormy day.

It’s ok, I wore boots!

See, it was WINDY!

He kept warm by throwing rocks.

Drawing in the sand.

Throwing sticks.

So why do I think my husband is so hot?  Yeah, ’cause I get to look at this.  Big puddle of Laini.

What I find is funny, is that I got a better picture with my Canon than I got last night with the small point and shoot.  Go figure.

And just because I can.  I Kinneared Ryan again.

Some of my treasures from the walk.  Or as Ryan said the blow job from Mother Nature.  Nice.

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  1. That picture of you is so pretty.

  2. You just want my sweater 😉 Thank you!

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