That Will Do Pig, That Will Do.

Well I had a nice list going today and I’m proud to say that I got a lot of things done!  Yay me!  Wanna know what I got done?  Of course you do 😉

Clean up kitchen

Do at least 2 loads of laundry (wash, fold and put away)

Vacuum downstairs

Locate the giant inflatable pumpkin

Get out the box of Halloween decorations

Finish cutting and start sewing the head of Kaleb’s yellow alligator costume (don’t ask) Got the pattern cut out and started to cut out the head.

Sew both kid’s trick or treat bags

Make dinner (Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans

Snuggle in with Ryan after the kiddos go to bed. Well we are snuggling on the couch and will move upstairs in a minute.

Katie came over to use my sewing machine.  She spent her morning at the DOL getting her license renewed(There was a screw up the last time and it only renewed for 2 years.  LAME)  her alternator went out and luckily it was still under warranty since it was under a year.  We spent the day making a dog bed for Chloe.  Her pattern sicked and we came up with a MUCH better one in my opinion.  I will post pictures after tomorrow since she wants it to be a surprise for Richard tomorrow.  I love it and I want one for myself, even though I don’t have a dog.  By the time we finished that up I was no longer in the mood to sew the trick or treat bags and then Ryan came home shortly after that.  I did get all the pieces to Kaleb’s pattern cut out and all the little pieces really make me want to cry.  A lot.  It’s ok, he’ll love it and I will hold onto it forever for him.  Still have no idea where the heck the inflatable pumpkin is though, but I have an idea of which tote it might be in.  Ryan will have to move a few things for me.  The Halloween decoration box is right out in front so that was easy.  Tomorrow I am making the cake for Thursday.  I’m excited!  While I would love to do it professionally, I really enjoy making these cakes for the ones I love.  OK off to snuggle upstairs!

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  1. Lol, that will do, pig! I’m starting trends, here.

    Ooh, I want my cake! I want my cake! With my pretty candles! (That was a song. You just couldn’t tell without me there to sing it.)

    Peace out, playa.

  2. ok, yay, you’ve been very productive… me… not so much… whomp whomp whomp.

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