Let Them Eat Cake Part Duex.

Actually this should be part one, but oh well.  So the start of Katie’s Birthday was spent out on the Harbor.  Katie and Richard headed over to my house to pick me up.  We loaded into my car and stopped in at Target with three lists.  After that it was a hunt for food and after tossing up suggestions we decided on Spiro’s.  I yet to get a picture of the place and I did have my camera, but I had my priorities!  The waiter was crazy nice and everything he brought Katie was her “Birthday” whatever the item was.  It was silly.  Apparently when you go to Spiro’s on your birthday you get free ice cream.  It was the ice cream that brought on Richard’s bright idea of shoving the remaining  ice cream in his mouth.  Ready?  Your head is going to hurt just looking at the pics.

Yeah, my teeth hurt too.  Ow.  After he recovered, I got the cutest picture of the two of them.  See?  Aw!

After the resturaunt.  We headed over to Jerisch Dock to take some more pictures or the boats and the kids looked for fish in the water.  I got this great picture of the birthday girl.  It’s my favorite so far that I have of her.  See her tiara?  Awesome!

I also got some great shots of the kids.  Lilli dressed herself and it was very Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, topped off with her bat ears from her costume, oh and the hot pink converse with white polka dots that I found in Hawaii.

Kaleb just had so much fun running around in the rain and hail.

And looking at charts with Richard.

Later we headed over to Katie’s house for her party.  Yummy food as per the last post.  Here’s my family enjoying the party.

All in all it was a nice day.  I hope Katie had a happy birthday and fun at her concert!

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