It probably goes without saying that we had tons of fun!  We headed to downtown Gig Harbor to Trick or Treat there.  The kiddos got lots of candy and I was so thankful that the rain had stopped for the day.  Kaleb kept getting comment about what a great dinosaur he was and one lady gave him extra candy because she loved his costume.  I had a lot of fun telling everyone that I made it.  I still need to get a picture of my costume though.  It was too hectic and I am still squimish about letting other peopl touch my camera.  Lame, but whatever.  Later we headed out to a great subdivision for round two.  I didn’t take one picture.  My kiddos even changed costumes.  Here are some pictures!  The white stuff you see on the bottom of Kaleb’s tail is some plastic that I pinned on there to keep it from getting soaked and ruined.  It worked.  The cuffs of the legs are way worse.

There were these two dogs walking around dressed up as well.  I couldn’t get a good picture of his mate who was a female version of the tourist.  It was awesome!

I loved that this tree was still holding on to it’s color.

I have a few pictures that need a little editing.  I will try and get those done and up soon.  I used a new lens for the first time yesterday so many of the pictures are a little wonky.  I had also challenged myself and turned the auto focus off in the crowds.

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  1. Kaleb’s costume turned out FANTASTIC. Loved it.

    You and Lilli had matching colors yesterday. How fun!

  2. That looked like so much fun! Great job on the costume.

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