Just jumping on the wagon here.  I have two small internetish goals:

1. Do NoBloPoMo


2. Take one picture a day and post it on here.

Very managable I think.  I will just have to change my blogging routine a bit.  I usually blog first thing in the morning about the previous day, while I drink my coffee and wake up.  This will just require me to sit down in the evening and write about the day.  I normally take pictures when I see an opportunity, but I am hoping this small goal will make me pick up my camera more.  I figure I can drink my coffee and get the day started a little faster if I’m not having to blog and drink at the same time.  Other goals for this month?

1. Plan a routine

2. Finish going through the house and donating items that we really don’t need.

3. Open and stock an Etsy shop

4. Paint the bedroom

5. Start making and finish at least half of the gifts I need to make

There are a lot more, but I am starting off small.  Most of the things go hand in hand and hopefully they can all be accomplished before December.  We will find out here pretty soon if December will be a little more hectic than usual or not.

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  1. Very cool goals! proud of ya.

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