Good Day!

Today was a great day!  I woke up this morning the PERFECT temperature and to this really great song.  I lov when that happens.  I jumped in the shower and got ready for Katie and my crafty Sunday.  I cleaned up the house a little bit and chatted on the phone a little (or a lot) a bit.  It was a great morning.  When Katie got here we went over what were were planning on making.  We decided that no crafter should ever work on an empty stomach, so off we went in search of food.  Burger King was the answer.  We came home and watched the BEST documentary EVER about Tammy Faye Baker.  Fantastic!  By the time we finished our doc Ryan was home and he was hungry.  SO off to Sharri’s we went.  Since we had eaten K and I got pumpkin pie and that whipped cream base that was SO fantastic the first time we got it.  NOM.  We got a preat picture of the two of us tat I will have to get from her.  I stood up to my blog challenge and got the crappiest picture that I have ever taken in my entire life.  Whomp.  Oh well.


We headed back to the house and did our respective projects.  I finished a camera strap and then I tried to fiddle with Katie’s stupid $*@*&%(^$ machine.  I have no idea what is wrong with it, but I am determined to get it to work.  Then we headed to Target and got random things.  Now I’m home in my comfy chair thinking about my great day!

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