Coffee Free Day 1

So I have decided that I would go without coffee for one whole week.  Those who know me are pretty much staying away from me 🙂  Coffee is like air to me, but I wasn’t getting the same effect form it as I used to.  So today was day 1.  I was really leary, but I had a really nice cup of tea from a tea swap that I did awhile back.


I was actually very productive today.  I put my ipod on shuffle, did the dishes, a load of towels, diapers, and picked up the living room, before I got groggy and sank into my comfy chair with Twilight.  I am half way done.  It’s like crack.  I also got my new coat today!  Well new to me anyway.  It’s drying at the moment, but I promise I will get you a picture tomorrow.  I LOVE it!  It’s so cute and I am now on the hunt for the perfect turquoise scarf.  Maybe red.  I also painted my toes.  Very productive for being coffee free!


I was fully expecting to be really grumpy and headachy, but save for a moment of being a little groggy at around 2 ish, it was actually a pretty great day.  We’ll see how I fair tomorrow.  Now go out and tell all your friends about the crazy girl who quit coffee.

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  1. Why would you do something crazy like that??? I’ve been drinking up to 4 cups on the days I am working… *sigh* no willpower here! 🙂

  2. No kidding. Crazy.

    Shun the nonbeliever.


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