Coffee Free Day 4

Woke up with a smile today!  I think I am almost getting the hang of this no coffee thing.  Proud to report no headache though.  I finished New Moon last night and woke up this morning with nothing to read today.  Nothing sends me into a panic more than the lack of reading material in the house.  Spent most of the day picking up and coming up with some way to get my hands on Eclipse.  I know, LAME.  Problem solved when Katie called and said she was heading out here.  Then it dawned on me that I could just go buy them since I want the other books in the series anyway.  Sigh.  I blame the fact that it took me all day to come up with that on the coffee.  I am proud to say that the book is here!  See?


On a very random side note…My toaster is COZY!


Is it wrong that I want to make some for the other inanimate objects in my house?  Probably, but that’s how I roll 😉

Check in tomorrow!  I actually have no desire to cave.  Yay me!

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  1. Hey! I want cozy credit!

  2. When I see the cozy all that runs through my head is:

    “butterfly in the sky… I can go twice as high … take al look … its in a book…. Reading Rainbow”

    Jordi is cool….

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