Coffee Free Day um.. 5?

I am proud to day that I still have not caved!  Go me.  This morning Katie called me bright and early and decided that today we sould get our nails done.  I of course agreed and told her that I would set up the appointments. I was so excited!  Meawhile my babysitter cancelled for tonight so instead of our slumber party tonight it’s going to be tomorrow.  Oh well.  I started reading Eclipse and am almost finished.  I meant to stop at Targt on my way home to get the last one, but spaced.  I have to do that tomorrow though, because I am finishing up Eclipse tonight.  So I met Katie at the nail place.  She got red, I got teal, ’cause that’s how I roll.


I think that picture makes my fingers look freakishly long…Meh I have piano fingers.  I forgot how having nails slows you down a bit at first.  It’s especially hard to type since my keyboard is missing keys.  Texting?  Forget it.  That was something special.  It’s get easier the longer you have them, but right now it’s frustrating, but oh so pretty.  Plus I can scratch your back 😉  Right now I’m going to curl up in my comfy chair with my book and blanket!  I just looked up and realized that I am watching Supermanny.  Awesome…

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  1. How is it that I don’t normally drink caffeinated coffee… yet have been drinking a cup every morning when I come to read your blog? haha. that. is. special.

    They look great!

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