Coffee Free Day…6?

Well I woke up early again this morning and wasn’t able to fall back asleep.  It was fine since I stayed up late reading and watching tv and I needed to finish my book.  Incidentally TRL is going to be no more.  SO sad.  They were showing all this old footage of *NSYNC and Britney Spears.  I actually remember watching those clips after school.  Katie remember my crush on TJ and his butter pants?  Good times.  There is going to be a 2 hour series finale tomorrow.  I am so going to be watching it.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for our craft day.  Miss Lilli got all dolled up and before we were leaving the house she wanted to call Richard.  It was super cute.  I think she may have a baby crush if that is possible.  I am actually surprised that she remembers him.  I was sorting through pictures and his came up from when he was visiting and gave himself brain freeze.  Weirdo.  She saw it and said “Hey, there’s Richard!”  So we called him and left a message.  We then headed out to Subway for some lunch.  Dude, the chicken pizziola is FANTASTIC!

With our lunch finished up we walked over to Target so that I could get Breaking Dawn and some green eyeshadow.  I also found cranberry Sierra Mist.  NOM.  We walked back to the car and headed to the skating rink to drop miss Lilli off.  I don’t know if she tried skating or not, but i will have to ask.  She was having a great time when I left.  We also saw Stiffler’s mom in real life.  Freaked me the frack out.  I’m just saying…

A quick trip to Joann’s and we headed back to start crafting.  I haven’t rally gotten anything done Christmas  wise,  but I have a lot of ideas.  I practiced tonight by making myself some reversible headbands.  I love how the first one turned out.  I think I may need to make a matching camera strap to go with them.  Katie had to take the pictures since I can’t take a picture of the top of my head.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t try.


Later…Midnight run to Shari’s baby!

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