Coffee Free Day 7

Ok so tomorrow I can have a cup of coffee.  I made it!  Didn’t give in.  Yay me!  Here’s the thing though.  I’m not dying for some.  This morning would have been a good morning to cave.  Katie and I stayed up until 5am.  We karaoked and watched Speed Racer.  Not the best idea we have had, but it was awfully fun.  Until I woke up later that morning at 7 again.  Ugh.  I did get up to get something to drink and went back to sleep until noon.  I am still so tired that I think I might go to bed now.  I figure I’m going to wake up at 7ish anyway 😉  Other than sleeping all day, I started my book and watched Katie sew some towels.  They turned out so great!  I did take a picture today, but for some reason it’s not wanting to upload and I am too sleepy to figure out why.  I’ll let you know if I have coffee tomorrow or not.

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  1. Yea!!!!

    You did it.!!.. now go somewhere and get some good coffee made right… sit down and take a slow sip…

    All the while taking in the smell , the heat and the feeling of warmth as you swallow. Feel the bitterness, taste the flavor undertones. Think about the time, care and energy used to bring that to your cup. Enjoy every last swallow and allow it overtake you.

    And that cup of coffee will be the best one you have ever had in you life.


    coffee is not a drug, a crutch, or an excuse to be grumpy.. it ment to be fully enjoyed.

    Now go and make your day great…

  2. I like how he barely reads my blog, but he writes novels on yours.

    Yes. I am a bit jealous. Suck it.

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