I want to be a spider monkey!

Last night, I had a much needed girl’s night out.  It was awesome.  I headed over to Katie’s so we could go get something to eat.  We got side tracked and didn’t end up eating until it sounded like my stomach was about to implode.  It’s the sound I make before I bite someones face off due to hunger.  It’s funny because it’s true…  Angela decided to go with us and we hopped into her Prius destined for Subway.  It was GOOD.  Then we headed over to the store for Mojito fixings.  WOOT!  After buying the biggest jug of rum we could find, we headed back to their house to chill before Twilight.  Finally it was time for Twilight, so back in the Prius we went.  Now, I LOVED the movie.  I can see why most people would find it lame/disappointing, but I LOVED it.  This is a clip of the BEST line in the entire movie.

Holy cow.  I want one.  I’m just saying.  Nom…

ANYWAY, after the movie it was back to the house for a round of mojitos.  I took a picture, but I can’t find my camera cord OR card reader, so I will pt it up once I locate it.  Lets just say that there were 20 limes and we used them ALL.  Needless to say I am not fairing very well today.  It has been brought to my attention that Katie and my first round of drinks were made with Captain Morgans.  Our second round tasted a little weak so we added more Bacardis.  Yeah..we headed to bed when the sun came up.  In fact, we went to sleep just as Richard woke up.  I feel like I could sleep for days.  I am off for an early night!

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  1. It’s not out here yet, but I’ll be off to see it when it opens in a couple of weeks. I’ve read the books, but I’m trying not to expect a whole heap from the film, just a bit of light-hearted escapism 🙂

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