Rick Rolling

The title has NOTHING to do with this post.  Well maybe sorta.  Last night stumble upon Rick Rolled me and then Richard did later.  Still ticked about that BTW.  A hole…

Today was full of fun and girlishness.  I got my nails done.  They were in desperate need of a fill.  Plus they were getting so long it was perilous for me to put in my contacts as well as do my eye make up.  Super happy with the ability to type again.  WOOHOO.  I love the color I chose.  It seems festive.  I am rocking the gold.  See?


Dude!  Look how tiny my thigh looks!  Awesome.  After our nails were dry we headed over to Moctezuma’s because we both wanted to eat each other.  Not in the dirty way.  There was a guy who was talking LOUDLY about politics the whole time we were there.  Ughhh.  Then the waiter called me sweetheart.  Weirdo.  It was funny though.  After we were stuffed to the gills we headed over to the library where I found the BESTEST vampire short story book.  Heaven.  Yay!

We killed some time at mom part duex’s house while we waited for Twilight.  Yes, we went to see it again.  Yes, we squealed just as loud.  Yes, I still love the movie.  Katie’s grandma threatened to move away from us and said “It’s been a long time since you guys were 14”  Heehee.  I seriously LOVE the  movie.

Now we are home and getting ready to go hunt for some sprinkles!  Sprinkllllllllles.

OH and only two more days of NaBloPoMo!  I made it!  Weet!

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  1. i’m glad your thigh looks smaller, probably is.
    your nails are hot, they look like notre dame helmets:) i love you and miss u and our family

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