2008 can suck my elbow!

Goodbye 2008 and good riddance!  I think I am happier than most to see it go.  Presumptuous?  Maybe, but right now RIGHT at this very second, I believe it.  This year has been the worst in all my 26 years.  While I have grown from everything, which is always good, I could use a pass please.  Just a small one?  So here is a rundown of my year.  Ready?

This year:

I had my heart broken four times and I cried my face off.  I don’t cry.  I walked around in a daze for an entire month.  I went to Hawaii and buried my toes in the sand.  I bought my camera to make me feel better.  I will never forget the feeling of taking that first picture.  What started out as something to make me feel better is turning out to be a passion. Kaleb turned 4 and went up the Space Needle for the first time.  The look on his face was priceless.  I confess that I did not make his cake.  My mom did it.  Two keys on my laptop broke off and weren’t able to be fixed.  The monitor is also about to fall off.  No bueno.  I thought about getting a Mac. I’m still thinking about it.  Lilli turned two.  I made her entire birthday outfit.  She fell in love with Hello Kitty.  I made her cake and it was awesome!  I said I’m sorry.  I got back together with Katie.  We are learning to use our words.  We’re Still Here.  I saw the Mima Mounds.  I learned who my true friends were.  I built  the pinkest cake in the entire world.  My hands were pink for days.  I met a new friend.  I was accused of cheating.  They were WRONG.  I got my nails done.  I tried to dye my hair purple.  It didn’t work.  I did, however, dye the tub, shower curtain and Katie’s hands.  I dislocated my left toe.  It turned purple.  Then green.  Then yellow.  I bought new shoes!  I turned 26 and watched my mom make the cake wrong.  She’s been making that same cake for over 30 years.  There is no excuse.  I got Fiestaware!  I didn’t drink coffee for 8 days!  It was a challenge, but I did it.  I had a panic attack that impressed a nurse.  My blood pressure was 140 it’s normally 97.  They gave me Valium.  It did nothing.  I smoked a cigarette instead.  It helped.  I leaned and was leaned on.  I made midnight runs to Shari’s.  Ryan and I had our 6th wedding anniversary.  We went to Seattle.  I made the skirt I wore.  It was so comfy.  I wished on a star.  It didn’t come true.  I lost 10 pounds.  I played Karaoke Revolution.    I told someone a secret.  I was shocked.  It felt right.  It still does.  Then I got scared.  It comes and goes.  I raced a BMW on I-5, I won.  They got stuck behind another car.  HA!  I let the music move me.  I realized that I missed the person I was.  I’m finally starting to feel like me again.  If you have a problem with it, oh, I DON’T CARE.  I decided to be happy.  Smile.  I found an old friend.  I missed you.  You were right, we were great together.  I got a new phone.  I text messaged non stop.  I got some that made me smile.  I miss those.  I stopped talking to someone just because YOU asked.  You lied to me.  I wore hot pink eye liner.  I dressed up as a fairy for Halloween.  Kind of.  I forgot to take a picture.  I made a Smurf Cake.  Happy Smurfday Joe!  SPRINKLES!  I read the Twilight books in 4 days.  I saw the movie twice.  I snuggled with puppyface.  Spider monkey….  I made plans for a secret trip to Kentucky.  Except EVERYONE knew and Katie was coming with me.   I’m going to Louisiana instead.  By myself.  It’s going to be a blast!  I car danced.  I spent the night at Katie’s and went to sleep when the sun came up.  We ate pancakes and bacon a few hours later.  I wore my sunglasses at night.

Ok maybe it wasn’t all bad.  I learned.  Loved.  Lived.  I was honest.  In the end?  In the end, I got Coach.

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108 for the end of ’08!

OOH my title is SO clever!  I am addicted to memes in a very non funny way.  This one is the last one for 2008 though!

1) Are you reall​y ready​ for 108 quest​ions?
No, not one little bit.

2) Was your last relat​ionsh​ip a mista​ke?
Meh, everything happens for a reason.

3) Do you belie​ve in yours​elf?
Sometimes, never when I need to it seems.

4) Who did you last say ‘I love you’ to?
The kiddos were hovering a minute ago and the quickest way to get them to shoo sometimes is to hold out my arms and tell them I love them.  Usually results in so squeals and giggles and they run off.  Weirdos.

5) Do you regre​t it?
Not one bit!

6) Have you ever been depre​ssed?
Who hasn’t?  This year has been really flipping rough though.

7) Have a best frien​d?
I have THE bestest best!  Get that people?  THE. Yup, bold AND underlined! Be jealous.

8)​Are you a girl or a boy?
I am a girlie girl.  Thankyouverymuch.

10) How do you want to die?
While I’m sleeping.

11) What did you last eat?
I had chili with rice and corn muffins for dinner.  Yum!

12) How was your week?
Well this week has been pretty stinking awesome!  On Sunday mom 3 went above and beyond.  Meep!

13) Do you like cold weath​er?
Yes and no.  I like it cold enough to wear sweaters, but not cold enough to ice and I slip and fall.

14) When was your last non-​physi​cal fight​?
On Sunday in the car.  Bah

15) Do you have an attit​ude?
Me?  *looks around sheepishly*  Yes and it’s a bad one.

16) Ever been in love?
Yeah it was nice

17) What is your real name?
Laini.  I love that it’s not short for anything.

18) When was the last time you got drunk​?
November 21st.  I remember since it was the night that we went to see Twilight and went to bed when the sun came up.  Huh.  Kinda like vampires.  Heehee TOTALLY non intentional.  Man I would LOVE to sparkle in the sun…

19) Ever break​ your nose?
No and I hope I don’t.  Ow!

20) Do you hate anyon​e at the momen​t?
I’m over it for the most part.  I only think about them getting hit by a bus every other day or so…KIDDING!  kinda….

21) Do you miss someo​ne?
I DO!  I miss Katie and she’s not even gone yet 😦

22) Twirl​ or cut your spegh​etti?
I’m a twirler.

23) Do you tan a lot?
Funny!  I was just talking about doing this the other day.  I don’t usually though, but I am thinking about one of those spray on ones.  You know, ala Ross?  Heehee.  OMG not that dark, that would be awful!

24) Have any pets?
Nope, but I have a fairy god puppy.

25) How exact​ly are you feeli​ng?
I’m sleepy, but otherwise fine.  I’m getting my daily dose of coffee, I sould be human in about 15 minutes or so.

26) Ever eaten​ food in a car while​ someo​ne or yours​elf is drivi​ng?
How silly, of course I have!  I’m a fry moocher.

27) Ever made out in the bathr​oom?
Not that I can think of…

28) Would​ you take any of your exes back?
Just one.

29) Are you scare​d of spide​rs?
Terrified!  There is a reason though.  For some reason the spiders in  my house are on steroids.  Seriously!  They are the size of Lilli’s hand.

30) Would​ you go back in time if you were given​ the chanc​e?
No.  Been there, done that.

31) Do you regre​t anyth​ing in your past?
We all have regrets, but if you learn from them, that’s what counts.

32) What are your plans​ for this weeke​nd?
We are heading down to Oregon tomorrow to spend New Years with Ryan’s family.

33) Do you want to have kids?
I have 2 already.  While I would love to have, maybe one more, they are all I can handle at the moment.

34) Ever kisse​d someb​ody that name start​s with a J?

35) Do you type fast?
Yes, especially when I have a keyboard with all the keys in place.  Hopefully this coming up year will be one with a new laptop.

36) Do you have pierc​ings?
Beside my ears I have my belly done and I plan on getting my nose done as well.  Something small.

37) Want any more?
Heehee read above.

38) Can you spell​ well?
Most of the time.  I am having the problem that it will be spelled right, but looks funny.  I HATE that!

39) Do you miss anyon​e from your past?
Yeah, but it seems that people from my past are popping back into my life.  They are more that welcome though!

40) What are you cravi​ng right​ now?

41) Ever been to a bonfi​re party​?
Yeah and some idiot threw rocks in the fire…

43) Have you ever been on a horse​?
Yes and I can count the times on one hand.  The first time I was about 4 and my mom went to take a picture and noticed that I was a laittl red and splotchy.  Did she take me off right away?  Nope.  She took about 20 pictures of me pregressivly getting redder and splotchier.  Yeah mom, HELLO, I’m allergic.  The second time I was about 9 and even though I TOLD the camp director I was allergic, they told me to get on anyway.  Hello hives.

44) Kisse​d someo​ne in a pick up truck​?
Yes I have.

45) Have you ever broke​n someo​ne’​s heart​?

46) Have you ever been cheat​ed on?
Hmm seems to be the story of my life.  SO yes.

47) Have you made a boyfr​iend/​girlf​riend​ cry?

48) Got a tatto​o?​ want anoth​er one?
I have a shooting butterfly on my back which I want to incorporate into my tree of life tattoo that I will be getting on my side.  I also want to get Hello Kitty on my hip.  OOH I just heard someone’s eyes roll.  It’s very “me” though.

49) Would​ you live with someo​ne witho​ut marry​ing them?

50) What shoul​d you be doing​?
Laundry.  I should ALWAYS be doing laundry.

51) What’​s irrit​ating​ you right​ now?
Laundry.  The fact that I have asked it to fold itself, it’s being an a hole and totally NOT listening.  Way to be inanimate.

52) Have you ever liked​ someo​ne so much that it hurt?
I’ve loved someone so bad it hurt.

53) Does someb​ody love you?
I believe so.

54) What is your favor​ite color​?
At the moment my signature color is Turquoise.  My all time favorite that I always come back to is pink.

55) Have you ever chang​ed cloth​es in a vehic​le?
Oh baby!

56) Do you curre​ntly like anybo​dy?
Yes I do! 🙂

57) Do you have trust​ issue​s?
Depends on who it is.  I will trust you until to betray my trust in you.  It’s up to you to gain it back.

58) Most money​ you’​ve had in cash?
In cash?  I don’t know.  Who remembers things like that?  Well although if you think about it, having a huge ass wad of cash would be something to remember.

59) Have you ever shave​d in the kitch​en sink?
Yes, the bathroom was occupied.

60) Do you have a good relat​ionsh​ip with your paren​ts?
It’s getting better, which is nice.  It helps when people remind you that you are an adult though 🙂

61) Ever been on a plane​?
Yes and I will be on on if February!  Yay!

62) Do you belie​ve your most recen​t ex think​s about​ you?
Yeah….I would think so.  Ahem.

63) Who was the last perso​n you cried​ in front​ of?
Katie probably.  I rarely cry, but when I do it’s a doosey.

64) blond​e or brune​tte?
Brune​tte baby!  Hopefully with some purple in it soon.

65) whats​ the first​ thing​ you notic​e in a boy/​girl?
Smile and arms.

66) Is this year the best year of your life?
Not even close.  It has the grand honor of being the worst so far.  Hear that 2008?  Suck MY elbow!

67) What was your child​hood nickn​ame?
Muffin, AWWWWW

69) Do you think​ you’​re a good perso​n?
For the most part.  I have my moments.

70) Do you belie​ve every​thing​ happe​ns for a reaso​n?
I do.  Sometimes it can be shocking.

71) What is the last thing​ you did befor​e you went to bed last night​?
Took my contacts out.

72) Is there​ anyon​e you wish was still​ in your life?​ who?
Yes.  E.  I miss you.  A lot.

74) Have you ever been out of state​?

75) Whats​ your favor​ite song?
I have a few at the moment.  The Way I Feel and February Song, are in the top five.

76) Are you liste​ning to music​ right​ now?
Actually I hear Shut Up in my head at the moment.  I don’t know why.

77) Do you like Chine​se food?
The crappier the better!  Super now I want green bean chicken.  Ugh.

78) Do you know your fathe​rs b- day?

79) Are you afrai​d of the dark?
Yes, but not all the time.  It’s more I get spooked of the dark.

80) Is cheat​ing ever okay?
No, sigh.

where​ is 81?
Right up there.  Duh.

82) Can you keep white​ shoes​ clean​?
No.  Actually I don’t even think I own a pair of white shoes…Oh wait my sneakers!  They are pretty clean, I rarely wear them though.

83) Have you notic​ed this surve​y stopp​ed getti​ng perso​nal?
Now that you mention it….but they usually do that anyway.

84) Do you belie​ve in true love?

85) Have you ever kisse​d a close​ frien​d?

86) would​ you do it again​?
It would be inapropriate now, but if I had no morals.  Yes.

87) Chest​ or ass?
Ass.  😀

89) Are you curre​ntly bored​?
Getting there.

90) Do you wanna​ get marri​ed?
Who gets married?  Psh.  I mean really?  People still do this?  Oh wait….

91) Is it cute when a boy/​girl calls​ you baby or honey​?
Meh, I’m on the fence with this one.

93) Do you have a bank accou​nt?
Yes I do.  That’s what adults do.

94) What makes​ you happy​?
My kids. Coach.  Sweaters.  New shoes.  Crafting.  Reading.  Random texts.  Comfort food.  Phone calls.  Owls.  My camera.  Getting the perfect shot.  Slightly tipsy guys ;), Coffee, my new cll phone, love.

95) Would​ you chang​e your name?
NO WAY!  I love my name!!!  It’s so me.

96) Ever been to Color​ado?
Nope AND I had to ask too.  LOL.

97) Got famil​y out of state​?
Yup!  In laws are in Oregon and I have family in Orange County.  Am I missing anyone?

98) Do you watch​ the news?
I do when the kids aren’t begging to watch tooons.

99) What’​ s your zodia​c sign?
I am a cusp.  So Cancer/Leo.  Cool huh?

100) Do you like Subwa​y?
I lurve Subway.  In fact I wish I could have Subway RIGHT NOW.

101) Would​ it be hard to kiss the last perso​n you kisse​d?
Not really.  She’s small.  Plus she loves smooches from me!  Who wouldn’t.

102) Do you like cats or dogs?
I’m a dog person.  I’m sure that I would like cats a lot more if I wasn’t allergic to them.

103) Do you talk like your frien​ds?
What?  What does this even mean?  I don’t understand….  Were you trying to say”Do you like to talk to your friends”?  Or maybe “Do you, like, talk to your friends”  Yeah I got nothin.

105) Have you ever seen someo​ne you knew & purpo​sely avoid​ed them?

106) What does your last text say and who is it from?
It said “LOL” and it was from Katie.  I got a surprising text this morning and I had to tell her about it.

107) Do you have a frien​d of the oppos​ite sex who you can act your compl​ete self aroun​d?
Yup!  Hi Morgan!  I heart you!

108) What did you do last night​?
I did a butt load of laundry for our trip.  Sewed two make up bags, a sleep mask, and a travel pillow.  I showed off my new purses.  I had the WHOLE world walk in on my while I was taking a bath.  I cooked dinner.  I got a new tea pot.  I got yelled at for texting.  I had a moment of Deja Vu.  I thought of someone.

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I was a very good girl.

I went to see my mom 3 today.  She had mentioned that she had a Coach with my name on it 🙂  What she didn’t mention was that by “it” she meant “they”


Holy flip!  I wasn’t expecting this at all.  I’m a little speechless.


Yes I wear my COACH sunglasses at night 🙂

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Is it on me?!?

Nothing gets you up and out of bed faster than the sound of your kid throwing up. Not because you are concerned about them, but simply to see if any got on you! Once up, you make sure nothing is one you and you check on your little one only to have them make that face and you jump back about 15 feet. I’m sure there are great parents out there that would pick up said child and take them to the bathroom, but I am apparently not one of them. I just stand there with a look of horror on my face as they finish emptying their tum on my organic towel.

That was the scene in my bedroom this morning. Poor Kaleb. After all was said and done he looked up at me and said “Oh, man. I’m ok now”

Then came the next question. Which was aimed at Ryan. What did you feed him yesterday?? Nothing out of the norm. Then it hit me. In the middle of the night I vaguely ,VAGUELY remember Kaleb asking for some water. Then MAYBE he asked for some more and maybe, just maybe he had about, OH four glasses. On a semi empty stomach. Ew. Sigh. Off to do some laundry…

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Have you ever seen a picture of an ex and sighed with relief?  Or snorted with relief?  Yeah, I JUST had one of the moments.  My aunt showed my mom the picture first and I heard “oh..well..hm…” heehee.  I walk over and have a look for myself.  My reaction?  *snicker* *snicker* *SNORT* then there was some laughter.  I assume that was my mom’s first reaction as well, but to be polite, she said nothing.  UNTIL she saw me and then we all couldn’t help but have a good laugh.  Ah, good times.  It tickles my tummy just thinking about it.

Oh and Miss Katie.  I 86’d the “snow” for ya!

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Wii gots fun, kid!

Two days of family and good food.  I need a rest 🙂  Christmas Eve and Christmas day are equally high paced in my family.  Once upon a time my mom and aunt would fight over who would host Christmas Eve.  I don’t know when, but my mom won.  It was probably around the time when my aunt moved out by us.  As us kids grew older we started wanting to host something.  My cousin Tricia moved next to her mom and started hosting Christmas morning brunch.  My family is notoriously late for life, and brunch was the best way to tide us over when inevitably dinner was is late.  The tradition still holds up.  When I moved back everyone wondered what I was going host.  It seems like New Years has fallen upon me.  I gladly accepted it!  I am not one to go out and I love having my family gathered around safe and sound bringing in the New Year.  Traditions are such a comfort.

So here is my Christmas recap:

I spent most of the morning finishing up my goodie baskets.  Which were a huge hit!  Due to all the snow I had to run and get a picture printed for my Oma’s present ON Christmas Eve.  It’s still a shock to me to see so many people outdoing last minute shopping.  I also had to drop off the dog’s stocking at mom 2 house.  While there I got two meatballs, because really?  Yeah I forgot to eat.  Those meatballs are bliss, just so you know.  Then back to my mom’s to decorate her tree.  When I was little we would have a plain tree up for about two weeks and then, as if by magic it would be decorated on Christmas morning.  As I got a little older we decorated it on Christmas Eve.  She failed to tell me this year my uncle had gotten her a 16 foot tree.  Right.  Thank goodness Ryan was able to get the lights on top.  Although the ladder got put away before we had put decorations on top, so only the bottom half has decorations.  Heehee.  I also need to mention that because it was so tall they had to put it in the unfinished room and I had to break out one of the smaller decoration trees so we could stick some of the gifts under it.  After a traditional German dinner (bratwurst, potato salad, and pretzel rolls) the kids of the family got to open their gifts.  My aunt still thinks I fall under this category 🙂  Although her excuse was that I was so easy to shop for.  I got another Fiestaware setting!  Hopefully I will be able to get rid of my old set soon.  Lilli got a BEAUTIFUL doll and Kaleb got an awesome laptop.  My sister, even though she had got me my new phone gave me a usb car charger and docking station.  We headed home to set up for Christmas morning at our house.  I attempted to do Santa this year and to be honest, Kaleb is just not buying it.

Me: Come on Kaleb, we have to go to bed.  Santa is coming tonight.

K: Hmm

Me: What’s up?

K: Mommy…I don’t want that guy in my house.

Me: You don’t want him to leave you presents?


He then THREW himself face down on my mom’s couch, with a huge, exasperated huff.

So I tried with Lilli.

Me: Lilli!  Santa is coming tonight!!!! (I find that the more animatedly you talk to her the more excited she becomes)

L: *claps* YAY!  Santa! *giggle*

Me: Yay!  So we need to go home and go to bed so he will the presents.

L: Come on Kaleb!


L: Ok.

Sigh.  You can’t say I didn’t try.  If you really stop to think about it, you spend their entire life telling them not to talk to strangers and yet you want them to believe in some dude that comes into your house while you are sleeping.  Talk about mixed messages.  My mom of course HAD to remind me that I had the whole dang thing figured out at 4 as well.  Kaleb reminds me of Susan from Miracle of 34th St.

Christmas day, WE SLEPT IN!  It seems that if your kids aren’t waiting for that “Ho Ho” as Anna calls him, to come, they sleep longer!  Then they BOTH got up and got dressed.  Kaleb decided that he needed to wear the same thing he wore the night before when he opened presents.  Something about being festive or something(except they weren’t) and I was too busy trying to talk Lilli out of wearing her bathing suit…  She finally settled on a pair of Kaleb’s sweat pants and a shirt.  Kaleb’s favorite present was his drum(an insane parent move, but I was sick and tired of my knitting needles and furniture being beat up on) and Lilli’s loves her skates.  We picked up the paper and headed over the Tricia’s for brunch.  The Ho Ho brought Alex a Wii.  Which meant that we spent the entire morning playing it.  Kaleb loved it and was surprisingly coordinated with bowling.  Lilli, in a surprise turn for me, couldn’t bowl unless the controller was in her left hand.  Hmm.  Honestly I saw that controller being thrown at the tv.



As for me?  My arm is SO sore!  I’ll take you on any day though.  I’ll admit it, that thing is fun.  Here is a super unfocused, somewhat unflattering picture of me 🙂


Heehee.  After we worked of brunch playing Wii and having an impromptu snowball fight (I was wearing a skirt) we packed everyone into cars and headed over to my mom’s for dinner.  The roads are still slicker than snot in some places and for once I was thankful for my Trailblazer.  While we waited for the turkey to finishing sitting we all just hung around talking.  Well except for the boys who headed out to have another snowball fight.  Doug came in with a huge welt on the side of his head, Alex was soaking wet and Ryan, well, Ryan was bleeding.  There was some mumbling about throwing ice chunks.  Idiots.  After we were as stuffed as the turkey we all headed home to our beds.

I hope your holidays were filled with as much fun, love and joy as ours!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends!

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February Song.

I would love to see him live on day…

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Duh.  I slipped today and KIND OF did the splits.  My inner thigh hurts a little, but aside from that I’m fine.  I was too busy laughing at myself to notice at first and my first attempt at getting up resulted in my sliding a little more.  I’m sure it was very funny to watch.  In fact I could have sworn that the people in the car that drove past were laughing.  Katie held on to me because really?  I’m NOT an all terrain Laini.

We headed into Tacoma when our power went off.  We were all a little stir crazy and the outing was nice.  You could tell that it had been a while since either of us had been around people since we acted like a my kids after they have red dye 40 (pretty much jazzed out of their brains, it’s crazy)  I would like to mention that the power went off JUST as I decided that I was going to make the caramel popcorn to go in the gift baskets.  Super.  So another day behind on those.  On a totally NON related subject,  I did get a fantastic shot of a very cold palm tree.


Silly.  While we waited, we made sugar cookies to decorate tomorrow at the Christmas party.  The kids talked to Richard.  I dried some diapers, well the dryer dried them, but you know… OH Katie got new tires!  So we were really waiting on both those things.  My power to come back on and her car to be done.  I got my call before she did 🙂  It was funny, when Katie went to pick up her car I noticed Kaleb standing by her computer.  When I asked what he was doing he replied:

K: I don’t want to miss my SHOW!

Me: What show?

K: This one (pointing to the computer)

I finally figured out that he was waiting for Richard to come back on the web cam.  Ok.  Weirdo.  Later when they (Katie and Ryan) got back and turned the web cam back on, Mr. Kaleb was very excited to have his show back on.  They spent some time making faces back and forth to h  while arguing who lived where in the Space Needle.  Kaleb lives on top, Richard lives in the gift shop.  They are NOT roommates.

I am happy to be home WITH power!  Tomorrow will be filled with baking AND finishing up my tree.  It looks so fantastic I could squeal a little.  Lilli is absolutely in love with it.  She spent a good five minutes staring at it when we got home.  When she turned around and looked at me she said “It’s sooo beautiful.  It’s pink.  It’s MY favorite”  She did a little pirouette and ran off.

it is so beautiful, pink, and it’s my favorite too.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful!

But inside it smells like cookies!  Well at my Oma’s at least.  Last night we headed over to do a little holiday baking and visit my grandma.  I think I was invited just to crank the handle on the, um, I don’t know what the name of it is…it’s like a meat grinder/pasta maker/cookie press thing from Germany.  It’s been in our family FOREVER.  When I was little I thought I was a hot shot when I got to turn the handle.  It was fun to see the kiddos were just as thrilled.  The cookies we made are called Spritz(sp?) and they get dunked in chocolate after they are done.



My mom was amused and stepped out of my way when I went to take pictures of the cookies.  I *think* she *may* be getting used to me and my camera… maybe.

I still can not believe that there is snow outside!  It looks so magical outside.  The downside?  People having to drive in it.  We Washington folk are NOT accustomed to driving in inclement weather and it shows.  Seriously the first flake and their reaction is to just drive right into the ditch.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to go anywhere.  Right now I am reminded of my first year on Nantucket.  Blizzards all winter long, it was the most snow I have seen in my life.  It was also my first experience driving in snow.  I still get nervous and I’m nervous for my people having to drive in it.

Who knows, maybe we’ll have a white Christmas…

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