Duh.  I slipped today and KIND OF did the splits.  My inner thigh hurts a little, but aside from that I’m fine.  I was too busy laughing at myself to notice at first and my first attempt at getting up resulted in my sliding a little more.  I’m sure it was very funny to watch.  In fact I could have sworn that the people in the car that drove past were laughing.  Katie held on to me because really?  I’m NOT an all terrain Laini.

We headed into Tacoma when our power went off.  We were all a little stir crazy and the outing was nice.  You could tell that it had been a while since either of us had been around people since we acted like a my kids after they have red dye 40 (pretty much jazzed out of their brains, it’s crazy)  I would like to mention that the power went off JUST as I decided that I was going to make the caramel popcorn to go in the gift baskets.  Super.  So another day behind on those.  On a totally NON related subject,  I did get a fantastic shot of a very cold palm tree.


Silly.  While we waited, we made sugar cookies to decorate tomorrow at the Christmas party.  The kids talked to Richard.  I dried some diapers, well the dryer dried them, but you know… OH Katie got new tires!  So we were really waiting on both those things.  My power to come back on and her car to be done.  I got my call before she did 🙂  It was funny, when Katie went to pick up her car I noticed Kaleb standing by her computer.  When I asked what he was doing he replied:

K: I don’t want to miss my SHOW!

Me: What show?

K: This one (pointing to the computer)

I finally figured out that he was waiting for Richard to come back on the web cam.  Ok.  Weirdo.  Later when they (Katie and Ryan) got back and turned the web cam back on, Mr. Kaleb was very excited to have his show back on.  They spent some time making faces back and forth to h  while arguing who lived where in the Space Needle.  Kaleb lives on top, Richard lives in the gift shop.  They are NOT roommates.

I am happy to be home WITH power!  Tomorrow will be filled with baking AND finishing up my tree.  It looks so fantastic I could squeal a little.  Lilli is absolutely in love with it.  She spent a good five minutes staring at it when we got home.  When she turned around and looked at me she said “It’s sooo beautiful.  It’s pink.  It’s MY favorite”  She did a little pirouette and ran off.

it is so beautiful, pink, and it’s my favorite too.

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  1. Lol, my tree is my favorite, but yours is such a close runner up!

  2. Man, you guys are having fun! I am envious!!! 🙂

    Now tell me, how the heck did you make the flickr badge show on your page? And how do you make videos show? I am mad that I can’t figure out this things…

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