Wii gots fun, kid!

Two days of family and good food.  I need a rest 🙂  Christmas Eve and Christmas day are equally high paced in my family.  Once upon a time my mom and aunt would fight over who would host Christmas Eve.  I don’t know when, but my mom won.  It was probably around the time when my aunt moved out by us.  As us kids grew older we started wanting to host something.  My cousin Tricia moved next to her mom and started hosting Christmas morning brunch.  My family is notoriously late for life, and brunch was the best way to tide us over when inevitably dinner was is late.  The tradition still holds up.  When I moved back everyone wondered what I was going host.  It seems like New Years has fallen upon me.  I gladly accepted it!  I am not one to go out and I love having my family gathered around safe and sound bringing in the New Year.  Traditions are such a comfort.

So here is my Christmas recap:

I spent most of the morning finishing up my goodie baskets.  Which were a huge hit!  Due to all the snow I had to run and get a picture printed for my Oma’s present ON Christmas Eve.  It’s still a shock to me to see so many people outdoing last minute shopping.  I also had to drop off the dog’s stocking at mom 2 house.  While there I got two meatballs, because really?  Yeah I forgot to eat.  Those meatballs are bliss, just so you know.  Then back to my mom’s to decorate her tree.  When I was little we would have a plain tree up for about two weeks and then, as if by magic it would be decorated on Christmas morning.  As I got a little older we decorated it on Christmas Eve.  She failed to tell me this year my uncle had gotten her a 16 foot tree.  Right.  Thank goodness Ryan was able to get the lights on top.  Although the ladder got put away before we had put decorations on top, so only the bottom half has decorations.  Heehee.  I also need to mention that because it was so tall they had to put it in the unfinished room and I had to break out one of the smaller decoration trees so we could stick some of the gifts under it.  After a traditional German dinner (bratwurst, potato salad, and pretzel rolls) the kids of the family got to open their gifts.  My aunt still thinks I fall under this category 🙂  Although her excuse was that I was so easy to shop for.  I got another Fiestaware setting!  Hopefully I will be able to get rid of my old set soon.  Lilli got a BEAUTIFUL doll and Kaleb got an awesome laptop.  My sister, even though she had got me my new phone gave me a usb car charger and docking station.  We headed home to set up for Christmas morning at our house.  I attempted to do Santa this year and to be honest, Kaleb is just not buying it.

Me: Come on Kaleb, we have to go to bed.  Santa is coming tonight.

K: Hmm

Me: What’s up?

K: Mommy…I don’t want that guy in my house.

Me: You don’t want him to leave you presents?


He then THREW himself face down on my mom’s couch, with a huge, exasperated huff.

So I tried with Lilli.

Me: Lilli!  Santa is coming tonight!!!! (I find that the more animatedly you talk to her the more excited she becomes)

L: *claps* YAY!  Santa! *giggle*

Me: Yay!  So we need to go home and go to bed so he will the presents.

L: Come on Kaleb!


L: Ok.

Sigh.  You can’t say I didn’t try.  If you really stop to think about it, you spend their entire life telling them not to talk to strangers and yet you want them to believe in some dude that comes into your house while you are sleeping.  Talk about mixed messages.  My mom of course HAD to remind me that I had the whole dang thing figured out at 4 as well.  Kaleb reminds me of Susan from Miracle of 34th St.

Christmas day, WE SLEPT IN!  It seems that if your kids aren’t waiting for that “Ho Ho” as Anna calls him, to come, they sleep longer!  Then they BOTH got up and got dressed.  Kaleb decided that he needed to wear the same thing he wore the night before when he opened presents.  Something about being festive or something(except they weren’t) and I was too busy trying to talk Lilli out of wearing her bathing suit…  She finally settled on a pair of Kaleb’s sweat pants and a shirt.  Kaleb’s favorite present was his drum(an insane parent move, but I was sick and tired of my knitting needles and furniture being beat up on) and Lilli’s loves her skates.  We picked up the paper and headed over the Tricia’s for brunch.  The Ho Ho brought Alex a Wii.  Which meant that we spent the entire morning playing it.  Kaleb loved it and was surprisingly coordinated with bowling.  Lilli, in a surprise turn for me, couldn’t bowl unless the controller was in her left hand.  Hmm.  Honestly I saw that controller being thrown at the tv.



As for me?  My arm is SO sore!  I’ll take you on any day though.  I’ll admit it, that thing is fun.  Here is a super unfocused, somewhat unflattering picture of me 🙂


Heehee.  After we worked of brunch playing Wii and having an impromptu snowball fight (I was wearing a skirt) we packed everyone into cars and headed over to my mom’s for dinner.  The roads are still slicker than snot in some places and for once I was thankful for my Trailblazer.  While we waited for the turkey to finishing sitting we all just hung around talking.  Well except for the boys who headed out to have another snowball fight.  Doug came in with a huge welt on the side of his head, Alex was soaking wet and Ryan, well, Ryan was bleeding.  There was some mumbling about throwing ice chunks.  Idiots.  After we were as stuffed as the turkey we all headed home to our beds.

I hope your holidays were filled with as much fun, love and joy as ours!

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  1. slick as snot?


    the falling black things give me seizures.

    seriously. i’m seizing over here.

    you don’t even care, do you?


  2. Ok… You’ll be here in a few months… It’s ON! I’ve got the Wii… a few games including Guitar Hero World Tour… It’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG

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