Is it on me?!?

Nothing gets you up and out of bed faster than the sound of your kid throwing up. Not because you are concerned about them, but simply to see if any got on you! Once up, you make sure nothing is one you and you check on your little one only to have them make that face and you jump back about 15 feet. I’m sure there are great parents out there that would pick up said child and take them to the bathroom, but I am apparently not one of them. I just stand there with a look of horror on my face as they finish emptying their tum on my organic towel.

That was the scene in my bedroom this morning. Poor Kaleb. After all was said and done he looked up at me and said “Oh, man. I’m ok now”

Then came the next question. Which was aimed at Ryan. What did you feed him yesterday?? Nothing out of the norm. Then it hit me. In the middle of the night I vaguely ,VAGUELY remember Kaleb asking for some water. Then MAYBE he asked for some more and maybe, just maybe he had about, OH four glasses. On a semi empty stomach. Ew. Sigh. Off to do some laundry…

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  1. Eww yup that would get me out of bed faster than a speeding bullet!

  2. water on an empty stomach makes people throw up?


    that was my diet in high school.

  3. oh yuck!
    I am glad it’s just that and not a food poisoning or a virus though… Poor Caleb!
    I hate throw up too… 😦

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