Cheer up, Cupcake!

As a follow up to my previous post, here is what we are up to!  By we I mean Katie and I…SO all of this:

picture-3090Became, all of these!


Katie wrote out all these teeny tiny notes out, while I mixed the batter.  I got the easy bit.  We plan on releasing these this weekend in the Harbor.

For more information about these cheerful little cupcakes, please visit Cheer Up, Cupcake! Who knows, maybe you will find a little cheer for yourself!

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Check, check AND check!

What on earth am I up to now?!?


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A conversation with Kaleb

Recently Kaleb has started wearing what he calls “worker clothes”  This will usually consist of a polo or collared shirt(buttoned all the way up and tucked in), khaki or black pants, a belt, and a recently discovered tie.  He walks around the house announcing to anyone who will listen that he is going to work to pay the monies.  OK then…Tonight I asked him where he works.

M: So where do you work?

K: Oh in Bellevue

M: What do you do in Bellevue?

K: I talk on the phone and pay the monies.

M: Right, but what do you do for work?

K: *sigh* I’m a WORKER!

K: *Pats me on the leg* ok mommy, I’m going to work now.  You have a BIG day ok?

M: OK buddy.

His outfit of choice tonight reminds me of something…

Oh yes, that’s right, our local McDonalds manager.  LOL.  Bless his heart…

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Happy Birthday Chris!

As promised here is the cake in all it’s glory!


This is the inside.  When it stands up the colors are in the correct  order.  ROYGBIV anyone?  Ok well not all of them, I didn’t do indigo.  So I guess ROYGBV…


Happy Birthday baby brother 😉


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Rainbow preview!

Here is a quick preview of the rainbow cake for tomorrow!  Oy all the coloring…


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Baby Ballroom

So I am watching this show called Baby Ballroom.  The name of the show is not so accurate as these kiddos are under 11.  That is by no means a baby, but I digress.  The point of this post?  Well there are two, actually.  I wished I had taken ballroom instead of ballet.  I LOVED ballet, I really did, but ballroom dancers seem like they get to have a little more fun.  Second?  Well Kaleb who is also watching, is jumping around going “MOMMY did you see that?”  “MOMMY!!! I WANT TO DO THAT” “MOMMY, watch me!  See I can do that!!!”  “MOMMY! Watch! See?? *CRASH* (he spun into the coffee table) I’m OK!!”  I have seen him this excited about two things in his life.  ALL four years, lol.  First was the Wiggles.  Man that boy loved his Wiggles.  The second is the Space Needle.  He wants to be the president of the Space Needle, you know.  I wonder how long this ballroom thing will last…Did I mention he is dancing dressed up like GI Joe?  I think it’s delightful.  Ryan looks worried.

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Right now, someone is heimliching a noodle.

Last night I did an experiment on my family.  I made a lentil and bulgar mix to resemble ground beef.  Then I added it to the spaghetti sauce and they ate with abandon.  Even Kaleb who I swear, lives on air, commented on how good it was.  Although he refused to eat the noodles.  In case you are wondering you CAN eat around noodles.  Who knew.  Later when I was telling Katie, we had this conversation.

M: I made sauce with that lentil bulgar mix I was telling you about.

K: So you made Faux meat?

M: Huh, I guess I did!

K: you KNOW what you made right?!?

M:…lol… FEET!

K: Spaghetti with feetballs!

Oh yes folks, that’s how WE roll.  Later, since she hasn’t been feeling well, I made her some vanilla cupcakes.  When I say she hasn’t been feeling well, I mean she has cold sores all down her throat.  Or you know, herpes.  LOL.  If I had a little more time I would have made them a little nicer, but I digress.

Yes, you CAN make a cake or cupcakes for any occasion.  What?  You want to be my friend?

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Can you see me?

Yesterday while reading one of my new favorite blogs, House of Turquoise, I got to thinking.  If someone came into my home and was asked to describe me, what would they say?  Would they even come close?  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, my house isn’t completely void of me.  You can see touches here and there.  The pink Kitchen Aide, Hello Kitty coffee maker, the rugs in the front entry, and some bright flower prints in the bathroom.  Not too much else though.  The couch was picked because it was practical for kids.  I was sad to see my funky over sized coach go, yes it was white, I was planning on recovering it.  The prints?  Well they go with the couch.  Somehow my interior looks like the woods.  Hmm, who likes the woods?  Oh yeah, Ryan.  I wonder what he would say if I ever decorated the house to my liking.  I made a comment when Katie was doing her LTLYM challenge.  She gave me a magazine and asked me to make a collage of my desires.  Everything was bright.  Nothing is bright in here.  I had always dreamed of a sunny kitchen with quirky accents.  A living room that was funky and comfortable.  A bedroom that was a retreat and housed my many books and a reading area.  A bathroom that was bright and cheerful.  I don’t feel a sense of pride when it comes to my house and you can tell.  Things are just thrown here and there.  Most days I just look around and feel exasperated.

I think I’m going to redo the bathroom and see how it goes.  If I had my way, my house would look similar to this:

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If I build it they will eat!

I am sitting here Googling away in hopes that I can figure out how to build Chris’ rainbow cake.  I had a few ideas, but they just aren’t computing well in my head.  Le sigh.  I may have to do a few practice cakes…maybe not since I have to figure out AND make a cake for Ryan the week after.  Hmm.  You know what’s lame?  They don’t make a rainbow shaped cake pan.  They DO however have horseshoe shaped pans.

Hello, SO not a rainbow!  Although people are flipping them upside down and using it as a rainbow.  It’s a good thing that I will have the whole month of February off until the birthday rush in March.  Oh boy….

I did end up browsing through their cake pans and found a few that I am in love with.  Example:

Fantastico!  I love building cakes for those I hold near and dear and I ALWAYS stress out about it before hand.  I stress out until I am making it, but you know what?  When I’m actually making it and putting it together, things just click.  So MAYBE, just maybe,  I need to stop over thinking.  Just maybe…

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All the colors of the rainbow!


Sometimes I have to wonder where on earth my thoughts come from.  Last night I was just lying in bed when all of a sudden I blurted out “You know, this year, I want to get a pair of Converse in EVERY color of the rainbow”  I actually stopped and thought, now where on earth did that COME from!  Ryan just chuckled and said ok and added that I would probably need to get a pink pair as well so it was really every color of the rainbow plus a few.  So there you have it, a somewhat USELESS goal for the year!  If anyone wants to help out they are more than welcome 🙂

Holy Flip I am so random!

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