If I build it they will eat!

I am sitting here Googling away in hopes that I can figure out how to build Chris’ rainbow cake.  I had a few ideas, but they just aren’t computing well in my head.  Le sigh.  I may have to do a few practice cakes…maybe not since I have to figure out AND make a cake for Ryan the week after.  Hmm.  You know what’s lame?  They don’t make a rainbow shaped cake pan.  They DO however have horseshoe shaped pans.

Hello, SO not a rainbow!  Although people are flipping them upside down and using it as a rainbow.  It’s a good thing that I will have the whole month of February off until the birthday rush in March.  Oh boy….

I did end up browsing through their cake pans and found a few that I am in love with.  Example:

Fantastico!  I love building cakes for those I hold near and dear and I ALWAYS stress out about it before hand.  I stress out until I am making it, but you know what?  When I’m actually making it and putting it together, things just click.  So MAYBE, just maybe,  I need to stop over thinking.  Just maybe…

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  1. I like the upside down horse shoe for a rainbow.

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